10 Characters We Would Like To See In The Walking Dead: Destinies

People are very excited about the new The Walking Dead: Destinies game, but which characters will be in it?The Walking Dead: Destinies is a...

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10 Amazing Games That Make You Feel Alone

Video games can make you feel a lot of different feelings, but they’re especially good at making you feel alone.

The exploration of huge worlds that seem to be full of life in video games has been known to help build groups within those worlds. But this doesn’t always seem to be the case. Some games seem to thrive on the feeling of being alone and have done a good job of making the worlds they explore feel lonely.

It’s possible that these games don’t have any real NPCs at all, or they have very few. Instead, the player adventures through an open world. There have been a lot of games made over the years, but some are better at making the player feel like they are the only one in the world.