Top 10 Action Games With Unique Weapons

A lot of action games have cool weapons that you can't find anywhere else. These are some examples.Since the beginning of time, action games...
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10 Best Video Games Played In Movies

In the middle of a movie, have you ever felt like you’ve seen that game before? If it’s one of these games, you may have played it before.

One thing that makes video games different from other media is that they are still pretty new. The 1970s, which isn’t that long ago in history, were the height of video game popularity. But video games have been in a lot of movies, even when movies were just starting out.

In some movies, they’re very important to the plot, used just for fun, or used to make the audience feel like they’re in a different country. There’s usually one big game used for an important scene, even in movies where video games are used a lot.