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10 Ideas for Incorporating Surfboard Art into Home Decor



Surfboard art isn’t just for the waves; it can also ride the creative currents of your home decor. Transforming surfboards into pieces of art not only adds a touch of coastal charm but also brings a laid-back, beachy vibe to your living space. Let’s dive into 10 imaginative ways to make surfboard art a statement in your home.


  1. Wall-Mounted Surfboard Shelves:

Give your walls a functional and stylish twist by turning surfboards into shelves. Mount them horizontally for a whimsical bookshelf or vertically for a unique display of your favorite decor pieces. Coastal artists often infuse these boards with vibrant colors and intricate designs, turning them into functional pieces of art.

Additional Insight: To enhance the aesthetic appeal, choose surfboards painted by renowned coastal artists. Their distinctive styles can elevate the overall look of your wall-mounted shelves, transforming them into captivating focal points in your living space.


  1. Coastal Gallery Wall:

Create a gallery wall that showcases a collection of surfboards adorned with captivating coastal art. Arrange them in a visually appealing pattern to evoke the feeling of strolling along the beach. This dynamic display becomes a focal point that effortlessly captures the essence of the coast within your home.

Additional Insight: Integrate surfboard art of varying sizes and shapes for a dynamic and visually interesting gallery wall. Experiment with a mix of coastal themes to create an eclectic yet harmonious display. Large wall art for beach houses looks mesmerizing and adds depth to the space.


  1. Surfboard Coffee Table:

Bring a touch of bohemian charm to your living room with a surfboard coffee table. Select a sturdy base or legs that complement the design of the surfboard, and voila – you have a functional yet unique centerpiece that invites conversations.

Additional Insight: Consider a surfboard with a glass top to protect the artwork while making the table easy to clean and maintain. A glass top also allows for a clear view of the intricate coastal art beneath.


  1. Surfboard Headboard:

Infuse a sense of coastal serenity into your bedroom by repurposing surfboards as a headboard. The gentle curves of the boards create a soothing backdrop, especially when adorned with calming coastal artwork.

Additional Insight: Opt for surfboards with calming colors and abstract designs to enhance the tranquil atmosphere in your bedroom. Choose coastal art that complements your bedding and decor for a cohesive look.


  1. Surfboard Outdoor Shower:

Take your outdoor shower experience to the next level by incorporating a surfboard into the design. Mount a surfboard horizontally as the backdrop for your outdoor shower, creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing space.

Additional Insight: Choose a weather-resistant surfboard and consider waterproof coastal art for a durable and visually appealing outdoor shower design. Enhance the coastal ambiance with outdoor-friendly accessories like seashell hooks or driftwood-inspired fixtures.


  1. Vintage Surfboard Bench:

Transform a vintage surfboard into a charming bench for your entryway or outdoor space. Coastal artists often embrace the nostalgia of surf culture, infusing vintage boards with retro-inspired designs.

Additional Insight: Enhance the comfort of the bench by adding cushions upholstered in coastal-inspired fabrics. Consider placing the bench near a foyer for a welcoming coastal touch as guests enter your home.


  1. Surfboard Chandelier:

Illuminate your space with a touch of coastal elegance by repurposing surfboards into a chandelier. Hang multiple surfboards at varying heights, incorporating pendant lights for a stunning and unique lighting fixture.

Additional Insight: Coastal artists often create surfboard art with embedded LED lights, adding an extra layer of ambiance to your chandelier. Experiment with different lighting tones to create the desired mood in your space.


  1. Surfboard Room Divider:

Define spaces in an open floor plan or add a touch of privacy to a room by using surfboards as room dividers. This creative solution not only serves a functional purpose but also introduces a coastal aesthetic that seamlessly integrates with the overall decor.

Additional Insight: Consider surfboards with louvered designs or strategic cutouts to maintain an open feel while offering visual separation. Coastal artists often incorporate these elements into their designs, adding a touch of craftsmanship to your room divider.


  1. Surfboard Wine Rack:

Elevate your home bar or kitchen with a surfboard wine rack. Horizontal surfboards with strategically placed cutouts make for a unique storage solution for your favorite bottles of wine. Coastal art on the boards adds a decorative touch.

Additional Insight: Opt for a surfboard wine rack that includes additional storage for wine glasses and bar accessories. Coastal artists often create custom designs that seamlessly blend functionality with artistic flair.


  1. Surfboard Plant Stand:

Bring the outdoors inside by repurposing surfboards as plant stands. Whether in your living room, bedroom, or even a sunroom, surfboard plant stands add a touch of nature and coastal charm to your space.

Additional Insight: Choose surfboards with durable finishes to withstand potential water exposure from plant maintenance. Coastal artists often integrate nature-inspired designs into their artwork, complementing the greenery of your potted plants.


Incorporating surfboard art into your home decor not only adds a touch of coastal charm but also allows you to showcase the creativity of renowned coastal artists. Each unique piece brings the spirit of the coast into your living space, creating a personalized and visually stunning environment. Whether you opt for functional pieces like surfboard shelves or decorative elements like a surfboard chandelier, the possibilities are as endless as the ocean waves.

By choosing surfboards painted by coastal artists, you not only support the art community but also infuse your home with the distinctive styles and stories embedded in each piece. So, ride the wave of creativity and transform your living space into a coastal haven with these innovative and artful ideas for incorporating surfboard art into your home decor.