10 Reasons Why a Website Builder is not a Good Choice for eLearning Web Development

The eLearning industry is nearly 25 years old, dating back to the 1990s. For setting up an eLearning platform back then, the entire task...
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10 Reasons Why a Website Builder is not a Good Choice for eLearning Web Development

The eLearning industry is nearly 25 years old, dating back to the 1990s. For setting up an eLearning platform back then, the entire task of programming and coding the platform rested on the owner. Opting for a web development company wasn’t popular due to the high cost and lack of specific eLearning development companies. 

Cut to the present scenario, every web development company is ready to help an owner with their eLearning platform development. After the initial idea is finalized, the next step is to build a website for the eLearning platform. There are two ways to do this: A) Hand coding and B) a Website builder. 

Before getting into the “why,” let’s understand “what” is a website builder! 

What is a Website Builder?  

A website builder is a tool or platform that allows designing and creating a website without any coding knowledge. This enables users to drag and drop to create a website without designer or developer assistance. There is a vast range of templates available which can be edited according to the brand vision.

Before delving deeper, let’s understand the meaning of “hand coding” in web development.  

What is Hand Coding? 

A website development company uses coding language to build a website. HTML and CSS are two of the most popular coding languages for website development. Expert web developers write the code in a way the website appears to a user. In this process, you get complete creative control over the website. When there’s a need to be unique from every other brand in the league, selecting the hand-coding option is a definite choice.  

10 Reasons Why A Website Builder Is Not Suitable For Developing eLearning Platform


The concern over ownership arrives right at the beginning when you are about to select either a website builder or coding for the development. While a website builder can meet the needs of small businesses or a freelancer, choosing coding is a practical choice when it comes to eLearning development. 

Coding powers a huge chunk of business websites in the world. With coding, the user gets complete control of the appearance and development of the site. You get complete ownership with a coding-powered platform so that you can manage the look and performance whenever needed. Hosting an eLearning platform on a website builder is like living in a rented place. While you have the entire space to yourself, it won’t offer many options when it comes to modifications. On the other hand, a coding-based platform is like your own house. You can change anything and everything as per your whims!  

Variety of Courses and Products 

In a hand-coded website, the LMS doesn’t restrict the educator in deciding the format/type of courses. An educator can offer training-based membership, private coaching, and employee training. Schools can take all their courses online by engaging multiple instructors seamlessly on a hand-coded eLearning platform. When it comes to a website builder, such flexibility or the ability to showcase variety and engage multiple instructors is a significant challenge.  

Poor SEO

Having an impressive eLearning platform is not enough unless it is easily searchable on the internet. This is where Search Engine Optimization comes into play. A website needs to be SEO optimized to rank on SERP, and website builders do not provide strong SEO features. 

Certain website builders won’t let Google verify the website in their webmaster tools, adversely impacting the SEO. Additionally, most website builders do not integrate with Google Analytics. It comes as a roadblock in getting essential data related to the site’s performance. With such data, a strong SEO strategy can be created which helps the site to rank better. 

Every web development company considers the importance of SEO while developing a coded eLearning platform. The best practices of SEO keep changing, with updates coming in from Google regularly. And with a coded platform, you can get access to all the tools that shall help your SEO objectives.  

Language Options

For an eLearning platform, the target audience is global. The beauty of e-learning is that it breaks the geographical barrier by converging students from different parts of the world. To make this possible, the availability of a wide variety of languages is essential. Every business has specific target locations, and an eLearning platform should have the language of those locations available on the platform. 

The primary issue with website builders is that they tend to offer only a few selected languages. It creates a noise in the communication, leading to higher platform bounce rates. Most web development companies in New York City will offer a comprehensive plan for your eLearning platform, including the various language options available.  

Limited Functionality 

Website builder platforms often use outdated code to deliver affordable services to folks who are novices and use their platform for web development. With such outdated code, certain website performance aspects get affected. They are- 

  • When using a website builder, your site will be hosted on a server that already contains hundreds of other sites. This results in limited bandwidth and, hence, a slower website. According to stats, 40% of users will bounce off the site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.
  • In a shared server of the website builder, if a single website is hacked, all the other websites are in danger of security breaches on the same server. A web development company working on developing a coded eLearning platform will focus firstly on the security aspect of the platform.   
  • Poor navigation is another major concern when it comes to website builders. In preset themes, the navigation structure might not suit the needs of your target audience. An eLearning platform should have a navigation that drives users to an action. And when that doesn’t happen, the platform ends up offering poor user experience. It is needless to say that a poor user experience will eventually drive away traffic from the site.   

Future Prospect

A coded eLearning platform has the ability to grow along with the company. There are infinite options available that can aid in creating the site experience required. It also allows easy migration at a later stage if there is a need. 

This is contrary to website builders. Website builder platforms lock you in certain features, templates, and terms. Technically, you are given permission to build your asset on someone else’s website, so you can customize it only to an extent.  

Minimum Support

There are multiple components in an eLearning platform that ensure the site’s proper functioning, Failing to cater to any of these components can result in a malfunctioning platform for the users. Major issues that can crop up are- 

  • Error messages on specific pages 
  • Downtime on the website
  • Faulty elements on the platform 

When these problems occur, it calls for immediate experience as it hampers the overall user experience. A website builder often offers limited support which will keep your eLearning platform down or faulty for longer. However, when you work out a coded eLearning platform with a reputed web development company, they ensure top-notch support at such critical instances.  

Low Value 

The quality that sets aside one platform from the other is its uniqueness in terms of look and functionality. However, when opting for a website builder for your eLearning platform, the design is based on templates that are used by numerous other businesses as well. This reduces the uniqueness of your platform, and users can easily spot the similarity, which leads to a drop in your brand value.  

Website builders are a cheaper way to develop the platform but remember that it will provide below par results as well! When starting off an eLearning platform, any website development company will suggest creating a high-quality product to enhance the brand value. It is a fact that a drop in the brand value directly impacts the performance and popularity of the platform. 

Non-CMS Website  

CMS is a crucial part of a website which allows management of the content available on the website. Be it design, content, editing, or organizing, a CMS enables all these tasks smoothly when you get the eLearning platform developed by a popular web development company. 

However, a website builder allows the creation of static websites based on HTML. The point to note is that most website builders do not support any content management system. 

Single-Page Website Development 

Another major reason for choosing a reputed web development company over a website builder is that most website builder platforms allow building a single-page website. Such a website is not purposeful when it comes to SEO campaigns or online marketing. An eLearning website should have multiple pages and they will keep growing with time. With multiple pages, the Google bot has to visit the website repeatedly and the site stays relevant for the target audience. 

Such websites are of no benefit to a business especially if the business is that of eLearning!


In the last 25 years eLearning development has come a long way. There are multiple choices available which can turn out to be overwhelming. Be it a website builder or an efficient web development company, there’s an option for everyone. However, the functionality varies and it has been explained in the article. 

With a web development company working to build your eLearning platform, you can be rest assured of top-notch user experience. Also, the website will be future-ready so that when the business grows, there can be multiple reiterations according to the target audience. The winning combination of a web development company and an e-learning platform idea does have the power to transform lives!  

Choose your side wisely, wishing you all the best for your project!