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11 Breathtaking Stops of the AYA Universe!

As you enter the immersive world of AYA universe, you will embark on an extraordinary experience like no other. This refuge, located beyond the boundaries of our known cosmos, offers guests an unparalleled experience in which reality mixes perfectly with the digital. You can book your tour to AYA with Captain Dunes, one of the few tour guide companies offering this chance. With each stride, visitors are encouraged to dance with avatars and discover new characters in a 230-square-foot universe of interactive artwork. Let’s explore the numerous zones that make up this fantastic cosmos, each with its own attraction.


Aurora is at the heart of the AYA universe. In this captivating zone, gesture control and movement combine to create an interactive extravaganza. This ethereal environment, which measures 230 square feet, is embellished with ponds made of cosmic dust that symbolize the vastness of the universe. Waves of light and a kaleidoscope of hues surround the visitors as they go through this section, exciting their senses and drawing them further into the unknown.

The Source

Step inside The Source, a magical room measuring 3,250 square feet, and begin the first chapter of the AYA universe. Digital pools and a touch-reactive dome adapt to the subtleties of human perception, transporting visitors into a world of enchantment. A six-minute performance incorporating reactive LED pools leads guests on a voyage through the universe, blurring the barriers between reality and fantasy.


In Drift, visitors are welcome to explore a sizeable 2,000-square-foot zone that provides relief from the enormous expanse of the AYA universe. Lie back on a lush hillside that slowly vibrates in time with the ambient music, creating a sensation of weightlessness. As panoramic projections surround passengers, they are transported to peaceful settings where time seems to stand still, and the stresses of the world slip away.


Explore Outland, a three-chapter zone with new characters and avatars to explore. Through movement-controlled tunnels, visitors may bring intriguing new creatures to life. Skeletal tracking and projection mapping technologies allow passengers to dance with the avatars of this undiscovered area, making lasting interactions in a world where everything is possible.

The Pool

Immersive projections serve as the entrance to The Pool, where the river expedition starts. Step into an infinite vortex that captivates the senses, indicating the beginning of the next chapter in this incredible journey.

The River

As they walk The River, they are carried away by storms of color and light, with each footstep causing waves of brilliance inside this 2,000-square-foot span. Journey through The Deep and The Dunes to access a hidden chapter of the quest, complete with LED panels and detecting sensors that react to every action. Here, the river comes to life, throbbing with vitality and enabling visitors to completely immerse themselves in the grandeur of AYA universe.

The Falls

As passengers emerge from the fascinating depths of The River, they are welcomed by The Falls. This spectacular scene defies gravity’s rules. An audio-responsive waterfall pours upside down, marking the end of this segment of the attraction. It’s an incredible demonstration of the AYA universe’s limitless inventiveness and invention.


Celestia is the next stop on the AYA universe tour. In this completely immersive zone, visitors interact with light beams to influence cosmic occurrences. Within this intriguing environment, a mapped image of the universe develops, taking guests on a voyage across the stars. A breathtaking light display and an interactive spatial game that promises to pique the imagination and deepen the connection to the marvels of the cosmos unfold across five engaging chapters.


Step inside Flora, and you’ll find yourself in a bioluminescent landscape filled with life. Light-formed animals respond to the motions of passengers, blurring the barriers between imagination and reality. Visitors are taken into an intelligent oasis where all living things cohabit in peace via a nine-minute performance driven by presence detection technology, providing a look into the interconnectivity of all life inside the world of AYA universe.


In Tides, visitors are led into an endless mirrored cavern filled with LED totems, where an interactive monolith takes center stage. This eight-minute presentation, divided into four unique storytelling portions, captivates viewers with its stunning graphics and absorbing storyline. As reflections dance and merge, visitors are whisked away on a voyage through the ebb and flow of the universe, seeing the ever-changing tides of existence unforgettably.


Finally, the adventure ends in Harmonia, where a three-minute conclusion awaits. A robotic light display unfolds inside a mirrored infinity zone that spans far into the horizon, evoking a feeling of limitless possibilities and endless awe. As passengers take in the brilliant show, they are reminded of the universe’s beauty and intricacy, as well as the boundless potential that each of us has.

AYA universe provides a voyage beyond imagination, where the lines between truth and fiction blur, and each step leads to new discoveries. From the ethereal beauty of Aurora to the quiet serenity of Drift, each zone invites visitors to go on a journey of discovery and amazement. Step into this enthralling universe and be ready to be enchanted by the limitless possibilities that lie in the sanctuary of A