Advanced tips to get more Instagram followers

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13 professional tips to gain Instagram followers easily

Whether you are new to Instagram or you already have 10,000 followers, whether you are a brand or a personality, if you are on this article, it is because you want to gain more Instagram  followers and you are indeed experiencing difficulties in this task.

If you have yet to learn, I’m telling you, no magic formula will allow you to get up one morning and have 1000 more subscribers per day. And yet, some people succeed. It’s good that there must be techniques to apply.

Well, yes. Even if there is no miracle, many  techniques

can be implemented to gain Instagram subscribers, and we have decided to share them with you in this article, listing more than  31 tips that can be applied right now.

In this article, You will find a brief presentation of the tips proposed to help you achieve your objective and gain more followers on Instagram.

If you ever want to delve deeper into these techniques

and take the time to train yourself in the use of Instagram, learn more about implementing these strategies, and want to be supported in a more personalized way.

The Instagram basics to get followers

1- Have a good Instagram profile

Defining your profile is the basis of an Instagram account

that wants to succeed in developing its number of subscribers. Ensure you choose your Instagram username, profile picture, and bio. It’s not for nothing that we dedicated an entire level to Instagram basics in our training. This is of paramount importance for gaining Instagram followers check now.

2- Define a specific theme

Make sure to launch your account on  a well-defined topic  to ensure you gather a community that will pay attention to what you offer, who will interact with your content, and, therefore, promote you on the platform.

3- Have an Instagram feed that makes you want to

Your Instagram feed is your trademark is the visual representation of the quality of your account, so you need to ensure that your Instagram feed is pleasing to the eye and structured. Find out here how to have a beautiful Instagram feed.

4- Post quality content

The quality of your content will be visible on your feed (which we just looked at), but it doesn’t stop there. To make sure you have the best Instagram photos to post, you need to know how to take beautiful Instagram photos.

If you offer quality content, you will automatically attract new people to your account and thus gain real Instagram followers.

5- Make your face appear in your photos

To further encourage people to like your posts, make sure to share faces on your posts. Posts with faces are, on average, 40% more liked than posts without faces, so think about this when planning your posts.

6- Use the same filters to harmonize your photos

Your photos may be taken in very different conditions each time, and you will always obtain different colors or lights. Is it challenging to have pictures that go perfectly together in these conditions?

Well, that’s why you need

to use filters! Many  Instagram applications allow you to edit photos and harmonize content easily. My favorite is  UNUM.

7- Define your hashtags well

Implementing a hashtag strategy is essential to gaining Instagram followers. Take the time to choose your hashtags correctly to develop more quickly on the platform.

This is not necessarily one of the simplest tasks, so that we will address this in detail in the

training. We simplify the task by guiding you from A to Z in the correct definition of your hashtags adapted to your strategy.

8- Identify people or brands in your photos

Remember to tag the people or brands you display on your Instagram posts or in stories; this will show Instagram that you interact with other platform members. It will also allow you to appear on their profile.

9- Have impactful photo descriptions

The descriptions of your posts are more complex boxes of text that your subscribers only half read, no. It would help if you allocated time to writing powerful reports that will provide your audience with information about your photo’s origin or its story or convey emotions to your community.

Use these nearly

Two thousand two hundred characters to share even more with your followers, tag other accounts, and integrate your hashtags.

If you need to learn how to gain Instagram followers, start by lengthening the descriptions you post and not just putting a few emojis.

10- Post content at least 4 times a week

You’ve already learned that you need to  post quality content  previously, but what hasn’t been said is that you need to post quality content at least

4 times a week.


what to post on Instagram? Please don’t panic; we have already written an article for you with many Instagram post ideas.

We recommend increasing the number of shootings to ensure you have enough content.

11- Post content at the right time

Posting quality content is good. Publishing quality content regularly is better. But posting quality content regularly and at the best times is excellent.

Make sure to post at times when your community is most active

for the best engagement results. And the more your posts are liked and viewed, the more likely you will be that new people will discover your account and gain  Instagram subscribers. Here is an article presenting the best times to post on Instagram.

12- Post Instagram stories daily

Your activity on Instagram is not just about posting photos on your feed. You should also interact with your community through other means available to you.

Instagram Stories are the perfect tool for this. They allow you to have daily activities with your community and share temporary content. We recommend that you post at least 4 per day, whether backstage from your shoots, reposts, short videos of your daily activities, etc. You are free to share what you want with your community. Ensure it interests your followers if you hope to get more Instagram followers.

We will see later that you do not only have this tool at your disposal.

13- Insert stickers in your stories

And to also entertain your Instagram community, using Instagram stickers is in your best interest. This allows your community to interact concretely with your content, increasinge your long-term engagement.