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3 basics questions to address before getting F1 standard bernedoodle puppies

Read this particular post in order to get answers to the three important questions related to F1 standard bernedoodle puppies. 


What’s the average age of F1 standard bernedoodle puppies? 

Because of the very fact that these puppies are specifically designed, one can get assured of the longer life that they can experience. The mix breeding of different sets of dogs in order to reproduce this particular F1 standard bernedoodle puppy is by taking the best of the qualities. The longevity of these puppies is one of the factors because of which the owners feel connected with this breed. You can find these puppies to last for about 12 to 14 years. The longer lifespan of these dogs can be the result of long living of the mountain dogs that has been used for the reproduction of F1 standard bernedoodle puppies. 


What is the size of the bernedoodle puppies?

Because of the mix breeding that these particular dogs are manufactured from, they tend to be under the category of large dogs. You will sometimes find it difficult to hold these puppies in your hand because of their weight. You will usually find the female under this category of puppies to have an average weigh of 65 pounds. The male puppies are considered to weigh around 80 pounds. These large dogs looks cute and therefore are a must to invest at. These puppies are known to poses good chunk of feathers that looks adorable. 


What are the colors in which F1 standard bernedoodle puppies are available? 

It is usually three colors that you will be able to access in these puppies. The first one stands out to be white. In addition to white you can even consider brown or black as the option as the second color available on the puppies. At tint of red or pink could also be found as the third color on your F1 standard bernedoodle puppies. These combinations are usually preferred by people because small puppies looks very beautiful in them. Different shades can be explored based on the preference of the buyer. 



This particular post was about some of the qualities and the combinations in which an individual can explore F1 standard bernedoodle puppies. You would be able to know the average size and also the colors in which these puppies will me made available.