5 Money Saving Hacks For Product Boxes in 2023

Whether you accept it or deny it, we are living in the digital era where inflation is touching its peaks! Everyone is concerned about...
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5 Money Saving Hacks For Product Boxes in 2023

Whether you accept it or deny it, we are living in the digital era where inflation is touching its peaks! Everyone is concerned about how to save up their budgets without affecting the quality of their services. If you are facing the same dilemma, get closer as I am here to take you out of this problem with product boxes! 

You know packaging is pricy, but have you discovered the covert box cost-cutting tactics of any brand? Determining the right size, unifying the index box stock, and improving the graphics designs help you save money. 

I’ll let you in on the classified intel to save big…but don’t tell the competition! But before reading the top-secret box hacks, you must solemnly swear to use these powers for profitable good!

Want to be in the know on low-key box tricks to unlock serious savings? Gather round, and I’ll equip you with stealthy budget-saving skills – just keep it between us!


When should you buy high-quality custom Product boxes?

Before knowing the tips to save money with product boxes, there is the time to invest more in packaging when you start your business. I will tell you the right time to buy high-quality boxes.

  • If you are launching a new product, choose a premium box because when you open a premium box, you get a sense of wealth that supports high price points. So, use different materials and finishing touches. 
  • Now, add unique editions in them because buyers want fancy decorations to be part of the value for limited collections, gifts, or seasonal things. 
  • Always choose environmentally friendly goods like recycled paper and paints that break down cost more but are important for sustainable brands. 
  • Luxury items, technology, jewelry, and other things need packaging that shows how exclusive and high-quality the product is.

5 Money Savings Hack with Product Boxes – You Need to Know in 2023 

If you are in business, I know You have spent a lot of money on packaging your products. But now you want to save money. Boxes and bags cost money to make, print, and put together. Don’t worry. I will tell you the five money-saving hacks which will help you out in your future business without hurting quality or brand.

Our team in Vive printing has come up with the best ways to save money this year and in the coming years. Keep your sales and profits safe. Let’s look at five ways to reduce the cost of product boxes: 


  • Determining the Appropriate Dimensions for the Correctly Sized Boxes

Choosing the right size box for your product is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways. Because if you have the right size, then you don’t need to pay again and again. Get rid of the extra empty room in boxes that drives up packaging and shipping costs for no reason.

Measure the goods and optimize the box wisely to get rid of the extra space. When you get the right size, you save money on suppliers, shipping, and warehouse space. Plus, products are less likely to move around inside the box and get broken if they fit better. It’s a good way to deal with both prices and quality.


  • Consolidating and Unifying the Index of Boxes in Stock

Having different types of boxes for different stock-keeping units adds to the cost of keeping inventory. We suggest reducing the number of box sizes to fewer, better ones that can fit more than one type of good.

Many ecommerce brands find that it works well to use 1-2 box sizes for up to 70% of their goods. Lesser box types make finding, forecasting, and storing easier, which saves a lot of time and money.


  • Engaging in Communication with Suppliers – Secure More Favorable Pricing 

First, send a request for proposals to your product box makers and printers to try to get better bulk rates. Check out suppliers skills, options, materials, free shipping, and prices. Because you should think about savings on how much you spend all year long. 

Building win-win relationships with sellers gives you more power in discussion. Getting discounts is easier if you can offer bigger volumes or better terms. Streamline processes to become a client that suppliers want to work with.


  • Enhancing the Artistic and Functional Aspects of Graphic Design

Simplify the graphics on the box so that it can be printed faster and the cost of printing plates and dies is lower. Avoid having to print and finish something more than once, which costs money. 

For reorders, use the same production files and just change the images of the products instead of completely redesigning the package. This saves a lot of time and money on graphic design costs and work.


  • Look at how distribution networks work

Look at your distribution routes and flows to see where you can save money. By using local providers, you can cut down on miles and your carbon footprint. Plan how to pack and ship things so that there are as few stops as possible.


Wrapping Up!

Inflation and an unpredictable economy mean that every brand needs to make the most of its budget in 2023. Wrapping the product boxes is a big chance to cut costs by coming up with smarter ways to do things. For that, you can search for custom product boxes near me. 

So, if you want to save your money for the long term. Viveprinting provides you with free consultancy and shipping. Suppose you tell them the right size box. They will give you the same size and save you time too. Get ready to consult with the brilliant time and save your budget to skyrocket your business.


Q1: How Can I lower the cost of custom product boxes?

Use older templates and just change the images and texts of the products instead of starting from the mark. Spread out the costs of the initial plan over longer box runs.

Q2: How can I buy small quantities of unique boxes in a cheap way? 

Digital printing works best for runs of less than 3,000 items. It gets rid of plate prices and makes it easy to change the design.

Q3: How can we get the cost of materials for special boxes down?

Choose box materials that are easy to find over rare stocks. Use grammage boards that are smaller but still offer enough protection.

Q4: Should we buy boxes near us or from other countries?

Local buying works well for smaller brands that need to be able to act quickly, while big orders from overseas offer the best freight savings you can find.

Q5: How can new brands get unique packaging at a good price?

Start with ready-made stock boxes and brand them with stickers or labels. Use box traders or digital printers that work with new businesses.