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5 Tips to Ace Your B.Com LLB Placements

Years of studies and analyzing case studies lead a lawyer to appear for placements. The process of placement is time-consuming and can last up to 2 to 3 months. The heartthrobs of the students remain at their peak when the clock starts ticking. With your preparation intact, however, acing the interview for placements becomes easier. For the students studying in the B.Com LLB colleges in Bangalore, some tips are being collated right below for acing their placement round.  

Get your Resume ready 

The experts suggest keeping the word strength and the length of your resume short. A panel scrutinizes the various resumes that can be in a large number. The experts sitting in the panel can analyze the resumes at a glance. They figure out their pointers within a few minutes. However, locating an elaboration is not their idea. To satiate that need, the interview round is conducted. 

When it comes to clearing your placement rounds in the BCom LLB Colleges in Bangalore, every attempt should be targeted to minimize the word strength of a resume. The panel is not willing to read a biography. Therefore, keep information in informative bits.  

Succeeding in the Aptitude Test 

Understanding the importance of the interview round only, students often fail to prepare well for an aptitude test. Statistics have reproduced the rejection of more than 50% of candidates during the aptitude round. Therefore, preparing for an aptitude test is of paramount significance.  

Figuring out the questions that are commonly asked in the round becomes imperative for the appearing candidates. Data interpretation, quantitative aptitude, and logical reasoning of an individual are on trial during an aptitude test. Furthermore, you can acquire additional insights for the group discussion round when applicable. 


Conduct during an Interview 

Maintaining your composure is unsurpassable during your interview. The interviewers evaluate your appropriateness for a role. Therefore, exhibiting certain traits is preeminent during the round. Firstly, practice your verbal skills and always allow your assessor to finish their question or a statement. Interrupting them in between does not display your confidence but a lack of patience. 

Secondly, answering common questions is necessary no matter whether you like it or not. They are trying to check your uniqueness. So ensure that you can answer the same question differently. Thirdly, answer the question adhering to the requirement. Therefore, focus on what has been asked by the evaluator. Anytime you are unsure of the answer, your admittance gets in your favor.    

Clothing and Punctuality 

Your personality makes a huge impact on your interview. Your outfit, punctuality, and communication directly impact your personality. Therefore, focusing on the contributing factors is going to fetch you amazing results. 

Arriving on time creates a lasting impression. A popular proverb says, ‘If you’re early, you’re on time. If you’re on time, you’re late.’ Your punctuality shows your sincerity and the importance of your work. Furthermore, wearing a decent outfit that you can easily carry supports your skills and conduct during an interview. Besides, keep your pitch clear and audible while speaking.  

Background Check 

Lastly, doing a background check helps in learning about the company that is going to interview you. Learning and evaluating the latest trends in the industry can help you. When the evaluator asks you about future trends, answering the query shall not explode you in bafflement. 

Reading about the company you are targeting is crucial as questions regarding the same shall be asked. The B.Com LLB colleges in Bangalore can provide you with the guidance that you need to stay adequately informed for passing the placement test. 


Identify the leading BCom LLB Colleges in Bangalore that can provide you with the best placements in the industry. The role of a celebrated institution is dominating in designing your career. They can provide you with the best resources for learning and an ultra-modern infrastructure to build a career in today’s global scenario. Start with your research for exploring the best colleges in the domain of law.