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8 Surprising Things Unborn Babies Usually Do In The Womb


The journey of life begins long before we take our first breath. Inside the womb, unborn babies lead a mysterious and remarkable existence. While they may seem peacefully dormant, there’s a whole world of activity happening in the womb that might just surprise you. In this blog, we’ll delve into some of the surprising things unborn babies usually do in the womb, shedding light on the wonders of prenatal life.

  1. Hiccuping

One of the endearing and somewhat amusing behaviors of unborn babies is hiccuping. Around the second trimester, many babies begin to exhibit these tiny diaphragm contractions. It’s a sign that their developing respiratory system is getting ready for life outside the womb. You may even feel the rhythmic thumps if you place your hand on the pregnant belly.

  1. Sucking Their Thumb

Ultrasound images have revealed that some babies start sucking their thumbs in the womb. This self-soothing behavior is not only adorable but also important for the development of their oral motor skills. It’s a glimpse into the comforting habits they’ll continue after birth.

  1. Dreaming

Yes, it’s believed that unborn babies dream. While there’s no way to know for sure, studies have shown that they exhibit rapid eye movement (REM) during certain stages of sleep. REM is associated with dreaming in adults, so it’s possible that even in the womb, babies are having dreams of their own.

  1. Swallowing and Peeing

Unborn babies practice their swallowing and peeing reflexes, and it’s not just for fun. They’re actually swallowing and digesting amniotic fluid, which helps to develop their digestive system. The amniotic fluid they consume is then filtered by their kidneys and excreted as urine, which becomes part of the amniotic fluid again – a continuous cycle of nourishment and hydration.

  1. Reacting to Sounds and Voices

Around the halfway point of pregnancy, babies can hear sounds from the outside world. They can respond to music, voices, and even the rumbling of your digestive system. Familiar voices and melodies might provide comfort and stimulation for the growing baby.

  1. Developing Taste Preferences

Believe it or not, unborn babies can develop taste preferences in the womb. This is because they can taste the flavors of the foods their mothers eat via the amniotic fluid. Some studies suggest that babies exposed to a variety of flavors in utero may be more open to different foods after birth.

  1. Kicking and Rolling

Perhaps the most noticeable and well-documented activity in the womb is the baby’s movement. They kick, roll, and stretch, and these movements serve important developmental purposes. They help strengthen muscles, bones, and joints, preparing them for life outside the womb.

  1. Bonding with the Mother

While the bond between a mother and her unborn baby is undoubtedly profound, the baby plays an active role in this connection too. Research suggests that babies can respond to their mother’s emotions, and their heart rate may even synchronize with hers. This mutual interaction begins long before birth.


The life of an unborn baby is filled with surprises and wonders. From hiccuping to dreaming, babies in the womb are constantly busy preparing for life outside. As expectant parents, it’s a privilege to witness these moments through ultrasounds and prenatal experiences. Understanding these behaviors can deepen our appreciation for the miraculous journey of pregnancy and the extraordinary world within the womb.