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A Beginner’s Guide To Shopping The Best Embroidery Fabric Online

Looking for a beginner’s guide for shopping the best Indian embroidery fabric online? This article will help you uncover four tried and tested tips to purchase the perfect fabric and bring your creative designs to life. 

The festive season allows us to channel our creativity into building the perfect festive outfit, and fabric shopping is an essential part of the process. Gone are the days when you had to dedicate an entire day to fabric shopping by going through multiple physical stores in search of the perfect design and material. The House of Textiles is here to make your festive shopping easier and more fun by providing a unique collection of Indian designer fabrics. Before you go on to discover a range of Indian designer fabrics in different colors and materials on our platform, check out this list to shop for the best embroidery fabric online. 

  • Finalize your design

There is no point in spending hours of your effort and time in online embroidery shopping if you haven’t finalized the designs yet. This is because there’s not a single fabric that is suitable for creating all kinds of traditional and modern Indian outfits. Different outfit designs require different natures, blends, and types of fabric. With multiple celebrities embracing traditional Indian attire on national and international red carpets and award functions, people are growing more fond of creating their Indian attire from scratch. Therefore, it is important to find your inspiration and create a rough sketch of what you have in mind for the outfit before moving ahead with online fabric shopping. Indian outfits today are not limited to traditional lehengas and sarees, as people are not afraid of experimenting with their designs and fabric choices. You can create a statement piece using a modern silhouette for a classic Indian wear design in darker hues of red, orange, and yellow, or can stick to neutral color options and subtle fabrics like organza and silk for that royal shine. If you’re into minimalistic designs, organza is the way to go. The lightweight nature of the organza fabric makes it an excellent choice for daytime festivities and functions. Whatever your choice is, ensure that you have your designs ready before hopping on the internet and shopping for designer fabrics online.

  • Do your research on different fabrics and materials

As mentioned, different designs and silhouettes require different fabrics or materials for them to flatter the body. You can browse through hundreds of different Indian designer fabrics at the House of Textiles to create your dreamy Indian outfit. While multiple platforms on the internet promise to deliver fabrics of the utmost quality, you must choose a platform that has years of industrial expertise and is transparent with its policies. The House of Textiles is renowned for providing premium quality fabric designs that are not only suitable for creating the quintessential Indian lehenga and saree but also experimental Indian attires. We help our customers channel their creativity by providing a range of fabrics in different color options. If you’re planning on going for a royal look this wedding season, nothing can beat the charm and elegance of silk fabric. We’ve seen the fabric being mixed with contemporary Indian wear collections on different runway shows this year and safe to say that this trend is here to stay. Shop through our sequin collection to add a bit of bling and glamour this festive season. If you’re tired of wearing the same old gowns and dresses for cocktail parties, try creating your cocktail dress with the fabric and silhouette of your choice with the House of Textiles.

  • Choose the material that suits your design

As mentioned, not every fabric is suitable for creating different types of Indian attires. Gowns and dresses require fabrics that have a natural flow and fall gracefully on the body. Selecting heavier fabrics for dresses can make them look bulky and not-so-flattering on your body. Therefore, you must choose the right fabric as per your design and budget. The House of Textiles provides the latest fabric designs in a range of colors that are sourced directly from local craftsmen, which leaves no room for errors in terms of the quality of the fabrics online. If you’re not into heavier fabrics and bold embroidery designs, florals are a great option for dressing up this wedding and festive season. The printed floral designs in different shades of red, yellow, pink, and other bright colors look absolutely stunning in light. Our unique range of floral prints is an excellent fabric choice for sarees, blouses, and dresses. Since our floral designs are printed on satin material, the fabrics possess a unique shine and are great for people with minimalistic aesthetics.

  • Look for reviews before making the final purchase

Since the online fabric industry is so saturated, it is important to look through the reviews to save yourself from potential fraud. Check if the platform delivers premium-quality fabrics and designs by going through the reviews of previous customers. At House of Textiles, you are rest assured of the quality of Indian embroidered fabrics as we source them directly from local craftsmen of different states. Check whether the fabric that you’re planning to purchase is suitable for your design. Certain fabrics and materials look best when they are designed and styled in a specific manner. Unlike other popular brands in the market, the House of Textiles is completely transparent about its fabric sourcing and delivers high-quality Indian designer fabrics to your doorstep at an affordable price.

This ends our list of the top four tips to purchase embroidered fabric online as a beginner. The festive season calls for delicious food, loud music, and extravagant Indian outfits. If you’ve found your outfit inspiration for this festive season, check out our unique fabric collection for daily, formal, and wedding wear. You can browse through hundreds of fabric options at the House of Textiles and get the fabric of your choice delivered to your doorstep without the hassle of going to a physical store.