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A Complete Guide to Export Contacts from Excel to WhatsApp


This weblog will guide you via the method of exporting contacts from an Excel record to WhatsApp. We’ll speak the report layout, motives for doing so, manual strategies with their drawbacks, and introduce an automatic answer known as Excel to VCF Conversion Program. Finally, we can offer you with step-thru-step commands on how to accomplish this venture.

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About File Format (Export Contacts from Excel to WhatsApp):

To export contacts from Excel to WhatsApp, you need to convert your Excel record right into a properly matched layout. WhatsApp helps the VCF (Virtual Contact File) format, which stores touch statistics in a way that WhatsApp can understand.


There are numerous motives why you would possibly want to export contacts from Excel to WhatsApp. One common situation is if you have a listing of contacts in an Excel spreadsheet that you need to import into WhatsApp for less difficult verbal exchange. This can save you time and effort through keeping off guide get right of entry to of each touch.

SOLUTION – Manual and Their Drawbacks:

Before we introduce an automated solution, allow’s find out the manual strategies and their drawbacks.

Manual Copy-Paste: You can manually replica touch details out of your Excel spreadsheet and paste them into your telephone’s contacts app. However, that is a time-ingesting and errors-willing system, especially for big lists.

Export as CSV: You can save your Excel report as a CSV (Comma-Separated Values) report, that is a common format for facts alternate. Then, import the CSV report into your smartphone’s contacts app. The downside right here is that the formatting won’t be retained, and you could need to regulate the records to your telephone manually.

Online Converters: There are on-line tools available that declare to transform Excel to VCF. However, they’ll pose prolateness and protection issues, as your touch information can be uncovered to one/three-party software .

Automated Excel to VCF Conversion Program:

To overcome the guide strategies’ barriers and ensure facts prolateness, we endorse the use of the WholeClear Excel to VCF Conversion Program. This software program offers a dependable and green way to convert your Excel contacts to VCF layout for WhatsApp.

Advantages of Excel to VCF Conversion Program:


Follow these steps to export contacts from Excel to WhatsApp using the Excel to VCF Conversion Program:

  • Download and install the Program on your computer.
  • Launch the program and load your Excel file containing contacts.
  • Choose the destination folder where you want to save the VCF files.
  • Click the “Convert” button to start the conversion process.                     


Exporting contacts from Excel to WhatsApp is a practical manner to streamline your communique and store time. While guide strategies may be tedious and errors-inclined, the WholeClear Excel to VCF Conversion Program gives a reliable and green solution. With this guide, you could without problems transition your touch listing from Excel to WhatsApp, enhancing your messaging enjoy.