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A Short Note on the Processes of Oil Extraction from Seeds

One of the fundamental elements of the living universe is oil. Both the domestic and industrial sectors need oil. But the majority of oils used for domestic uses come from organic sources. However, oils used for household purposes are primarily obtained from natural ingredients. Several seeds are used for obtaining edible oils. These oils are primarily used for cooking and skincare routines. How are these oils extracted, though? You have come to the right place if you want to learn about the extraction of oil. This article aims to give a complete guide on different types of oil extraction processes. It also guides you to the best brand that supplies equipment for the mahua oil extraction processThoroughly go through the article to learn more.

How are Oils Extracted?

During an oil extraction process, the parts of a natural ingredient are used. However, these oils are used for consumption purposes. The process of soybean seed extraction is also conducted during the extraction of soybean oil.

Similarly, the process by which crude oil is extracted from underground using heavy machinery is also defined as oil extraction. Petroleum and diesel are extracted from the ground.  

Types of Oil Extraction Processes

There are mainly two types of oil extraction processes that are applied to extract oil from different seeds. Check out the following points that discuss the types of oil extraction processes. 

Mechanical Oil Extraction

This is the traditional method to extract oil from different seeds. In earlier times, hydraulic presses were used to perform the extraction process. Bags of oilseeds were loaded manually on the boxes between the ram and the head block. The boxes were then pressed with hydraulic pressure on the ram. The filter bags were used to collect the oil.

Screw presses now replace hydraulic presses. The soybean oil extraction process is carried out using screw presses. The mechanical screw presses contain vertical feeders and horizontal screws with increasing body diameter. These parts exert pressure on the seed while advancing along the press’s length. Air is expelled along the length of the press. Finally, oil is collected in a trough. The trough is placed under the screw. One of the greatest advantages of this process is that one can extract oil from a large quantity of oilseeds, enforcing minimum labor. 

Solvent Oil Extraction

This is the most efficient method to extract oil from seeds. It is a chemical process that includes chemical solvents like hexane. Hexane is the preferred choice for soybean oil extraction. Nearly 955 of oil can be extracted from the seeds using the commercial method of solvent oil extraction. It also marks a 95% recovery of solvent, making it a reliable method for commercial operation. Soybean seed extraction is a part of the process where soybean seeds are extracted for grinding and pre-pressing. 

The process is conducted through the grinding of oilseeds. The cake or grounded seed is washed with a solvent, most likely hexane. The process extracts oil from the cake. The mixture is heated to high temperatures in a sealed chamber. The solvent is vaporized, and the oil is collected in a spate chamber. The obtained oil is then distilled for purification. 


This was a short description of different types of oil extraction processes. The article also highlights the definition of the process to simplify the concept. If you are looking for advanced machinery to extract oil from seeds, you must consider only the best brand in India. Mectech is the leading manufacturer and supplier of modern-day equipment for the oil extraction process. Established in 1978, the company has been covering a wide range of extraction processes like the mahua oil extraction processThe brand also has advanced equipment for the soybean oil extraction process