Advanced tips to get more Instagram followers

Bring value to your communityRule 19 is a golden rule for lasting success on Instagram. You must bring value to your community. It would...
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Advanced tips to get more Instagram followers

Bring value to your community

Rule 19 is a golden rule for lasting success on Instagram. You must bring value to your community. It would help if you offered something exceptional that she won’t find on any account.

To set your account value, if you follow the  WeBump training, we will explain in detail how to correctly set your account value.

If this is correctly implemented, you will gain subscribers much faster, thanks to the shares made by your community.

Use your Instagram statistics

The statistics are only accessible in pro accounts on Instagram, but they are valuable in determining who your community is.

The better you know the community that follows you, the better you will know what to publish, when, and to whom to promote your publications. You will then know precisely who you are talking to and how to gain Instagram followers click here.

Publish IGTV

Publishing IGTV allows you to offer your community a  new type of content with longer-form content. Also, note that videos get better engagement on Instagram, so consider promoting them to boost your community and get Instagram followers.

Do live shows

Instagram Lives is a great way to get in direct contact with your community and be able to answer their questions directly. If you do this regularly, you increase your chances of developing a  community of people who are invested in your account and will surely tell their friends about you. Recommendations are the best publicity you can hope for in your community.

Boost your engagement rate as much as possible

Your engagement rate is an essential factor to consider in your Instagram growth and community development. The higher it is, the more qualified your community will be. Find out how to boost your Instagram engagement here.

Share account content from the same industry as you

If your community follows you, it is because the theme of your account and the content you offer interest them. Why not share more similar content with them that might interest them?

You can share with them from time to time the content of other accounts similar to yours. This will allow you to diversify what you post and should be well received by your community. Remember to identify the account that originated the content if you repost or share a post.

Participate in engagement groups

Engagement groups will 

allow you to quickly and efficiently boost your publications when you post them. There are thousands of them, and you can find some of them on Facebook, for example.

Follow subscribers of a similar page

You should generally know your target subscribers. If this is not the case, a simple method to find people interested in your account is to follow people subscribed to an arrangement similar to yours. This way, you ensure you attract the right people’s attention to gain real Instagram followers.

Interact as much as possible with your community

This is obvious: the more active you are on the platform, the more visible you will be to new people. So don’t hesitate to interact and follow numerous accounts; you will attract their attention, and they might then decide to follow you.

Be careful, though; this tip can take a lot of time, and we recommend that you devote time, above all, to the quality of your content, but you can also use  Instagram bots to avoid wasting time.

Collaborate with other accounts on a joint project

You will have understood you must make yourself visible on the platform to gain followers on Instagram. And what better way to do this than to be identified by other accounts on posts or stories?

To do this, you can collaborate with other accounts similar to yours, photographers if you are a model, or collaborate with brands.

Use Instagram ads

Instagram ads are a great way to promote yourself to new, targeted people.

This method of gaining Instagram followers requires a minimum budget, but it can allow you to reach thousands of people quickly and, therefore, obtain more followers on Instagram. However, this tip is only applicable to pro accounts. Here is an article that will tell you more about  Instagram ads.

Use your other social networks

Do you use Instagram and want to grow your community? Why not call on other communities you have gathered on other social networks?

Whether you are a brand or a personality, you certainly have a certain number of people on your Facebook page, your Twitter account, or your YouTube channel. Use this community to grow your number of Instagram followers faster.

Tell them you are on the platform, encourage them to follow you, and share your posts with them when you make them.

Organize a competition

Organizing contests on Instagram is not recommended for all accounts but is very effective in

boosting a community that is already very active.

Instagram competitions allow you to concretely motivate your community to like, share, follow, and comment on your publications by offering them one or more prizes. Which (usually) causes excellent visibility and, therefore, a large number of new Instagram followers.

Pay influencers for promotion

This is especially applicable if you are a brand, but paid collaborations with influencers are among the best ways to promote your account or your products.

However, it would help to choose the right influencers to get the best results in this promotion and get Instagram subscribers. To do this, do not hesitate to join the WeBump community.

Create viral content

Creating viral content is formidable if you want to gain Instagram followers.

You will have won everything if you create one or more viral content that your community shares with others and who reshares it, etc. Users will ensure your promotion on the platform, and your number of Instagram followers will increase.

Tag your friends and get them to do the same

Still, to be visible on the platform and gain followers on Instagram, you can also

remind your friends to tag you in the photos that they post with you.

The more friends you have on the platform who regularly use Instagram, the more likely you will have

significant visibility through their publications. These people are part of your close network so they will interact with your content.

Ask your subscribers to share your account or tag their friends in your photos

Sometimes, all it takes is a simple request to your community to see actual results in gaining followers. We saw previously that you need to insert calls to action in your descriptions, but you can also encourage your subscribers to share your latest Instagram post through a story or live.

After posting, like the publications of the hashtag threads used

Have you just posted quality content when your community is connected? Very well, congratulations! But more is needed to gain real Instagram followers.

Once you have made your post, go like the photos of people who have just posted with the same hashtags as you. They will be interested in your account, and you will get more likes and new subscribers.