Divorce mediation is one of the most effective ways to resolve divorce without stepping foot inside the courtroom.At Jos Family Law, our Orange County...
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Affordable & Compassionate Indian Family Lawyers Near Me

We, at Jos Family Law, understand that finding the right attorney to represent your interests shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you’re searching for the best Indian family lawyers near me, then you have come to the right place. Our attorneys have the solitary goal of helping clients and families to find resolutions that last.

Mr. Binoye Jos and his team of family lawyers are passionate about helping individuals and families with their family law issues. We’re completely devoted to each client’s needs and goals. With complete expertise in all family law matters our attorneys know how to protect your finances and family.

Our compassionate attorneys bring tailored legal solutions to each case that align with your concerns.

Our Practice Areas

As the top Indian lawyers near me, we bring exceptional compassion and dedication to every case. Our approach includes exploring various options such as collaborative divorce or mediation for an amicable resolution. However, if that doesn’t work, we aggressively represent your interests in court to find the best possible resolution for your case.

Our practice areas include:

·        Divorce

·        Legal Separation

·        Mediation

·        Child Support

·        Child Custody

·        Spousal Support

·        Asset Division

·        Grandparent’s Rights

·        Domestic Violence

·        Adoption

·        Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

·        Modification of Orders

·        Move Away Orders

Call 714-733-7066 or send an email to jos@josfamilylaw.com to set up a free initial consultation with our law firm.

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