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AI in IT Staff Augmentation: Worth It or not?

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As the technology is progressing, businesses are constantly looking to find better ways to expand their teams, specifically when it involves the process to hire remote developers. By combining Artificial Intelligence (AI) with IT staff augmentation is proving to be highly effective in making the recruitment process smoother and faster. This combination not only speeds up the hiring process but also ensures that the right candidates are matched to the right jobs.

But before understanding how both AI and IT staff augmentation can work, let us understand what is IT staff Augmentation.

What is IT staff Augmentation?

IT staff augmentation is a way for companies to hire skilled tech workers from around the world on a temporary basis. This method allows businesses to quickly add experts to their teams for specific projects without the hassle of traditional hiring processes.

It’s an effective way to fill skill gaps, handle extra work, and keep costs down, all while maintaining control over project work. Companies can adjust their team size as needed, making it a flexible solution for managing changing project demands.

Now, let’s understand what is the role of AI in IT Staff Augmentation Services

AI & its role in IT Staff Augmentation Services

IT staff augmentation allows businesses to add skilled technical resources to their in-house teams temporarily to meet project demands. When AI is integrated into this process, it transforms how companies recruit, particularly for remote positions.

Automated Screening and Matching

AI can quickly analyze large amounts of data to identify potential candidates who best match the job requirements. This automation speeds up the initial sorting of applications, focusing on candidates who align closely with the needed skills and experience.

Improved Accuracy in Candidate Selection

AI systems learn from each hiring decision, enhancing their ability to identify suitable candidates accurately over time. This reduces the effort and resources spent on interviewing less suitable candidates.

Reducing Bias

AI helps reduce personal biases in hiring by focusing on data-driven criteria. This supports a more objective approach to hiring and helps in building diverse teams.

Now let’s understand how you can Improve Remote Developer Recruitment using AI practices

Improving Remote Developer Recruitment

Hiring remote developers is not only about finding the right talent but also ensuring they integrate well with the team. AI-integrated staff augmentation helps in several ways:

Remote Skill Verification

AI-driven platforms can conduct technical tests and challenges to verify developers’ skills remotely, ensuring that hiring decisions are based on actual abilities.

Evaluating Communication Skills

AI tools assess communication styles and language proficiency, which are crucial for remote collaboration. This ensures developers can work well with existing teams.

Cultural Fit

AI can help determine if candidates’ personalities and working styles are a good fit with the company’s culture, which is especially important in remote work environments.

Now, further let us understand what are the tips to implement AI with IT Staff Augmentation in a seamless manner

3 Useful tips to achieve a seamless integration between AI and IT Staff Augmentation

To effectively use AI with IT staff augmentation, companies should

Choose Suitable AI Tools

Select AI technologies that meet your hiring needs and integrate well with your existing HR systems.

Now, let’s understand a few tools that can help you with IT recruitment


With Recruiter 2024, an AI-assisted recruiting experience powered by natural language processing and insights from LinkedIn’s massive data on professionals, businesses, and talents, the social media platform is improving its talent acquisition capabilities.

Additionally, the site is launching AI-powered coaching in LinkedIn Learning, which provides recommendations for material and real-time guidance based on user interests and career aspirations.

Furthermore, LinkedIn intends to launch CRM Connect, a connection that links LinkedIn Recruiter and Candidate Relationship Management platforms to expedite the hiring process.

Phenom AI

Phenom AI comes with an Intelligent Talent Experience platform which uses AI to improve the hiring process by offering features like AI DIscovery for sourcing candidates optimally, an AI-generated fit score for an efficient talent qualification, and a personalized job recommendation to enhance the experience of both a candidate and an employee.

This tool automates all the time-consuming tasks like sourcing, screening and scheduling while providing an actionable insight into talent analytics to help fill the roles effectively.

Moreover, it also caters to a number of roles within an organization like recruiters and HR managers and can span multiple industries emphasizing compliance with CSA, GDPR, ISO and SOC standards to secure data and privacy.


It is an AI-enhanced hiring platform which offers a feature of video interviewing and assessment to help organizations identify and unlock the potential of candidates beyond just their traditional achievements.

Moreover, it streamlines the recruitment process by building a structured interview system and an automated workflow and ATS integration to facilitate the hiring at any point of time and from any location.

HireVue is designed for various hiring needs, including hourly, campus and professional roles and is also used by a number of brands to reduce the overall time for hiring, minimizing the cost per interview and supporting diversity and inclusion in hiring practices.


Manatal is an advanced AI-powered recruitment software which smoothens the hiring process with features like a candidate sourcing from a number of channels, including LinkedIn job board, and an intuitive ATS. Moreover, it also enhances candidate profiles with social media data, offering an AI-driven candidate scoring for better match recommendations. Further, it also provides a customizable recruitment CRM for agencies and headhunters. This platform supports a mobile application for any on-the-go recruitment, to make everything compliant with data privacy regulations like GDPR and also offers a transparent pricing plan.


In order to effectively attract top talent and a wide audience, Textio offers data-driven inclusion guidance for job posts and other recruitment materials. In addition to suggestions to remove biased language, the platform provides real-time predictive Textio Scores to evaluate and enhance the diversity of your candidate pipeline.

Teams can hire more quickly, build an inclusive workplace culture, and recruit more strategically with the aid of features like bias interruption, AI protections, trackable data, and interfaces with popular recruitment and communication platforms.


It is an A-powered tool that will help recruiters in sourcing candidates by reducing the total time spent to search for potential hires by using technology to identify profiles which match the job requirement.

It comprises features like an automated email sequence, verified contact information and integrations with existing ATS and CRM systems. Additionally, it allows to set a diversity-focused search criteria and offers analytics to track the effectiveness of recruitment efforts.


Pymetrics is a suite of tools for talent acquisition and management, which uses a gamified assessment to gauge a cognitive and an emotional trait to focus on potential rather than any past experience.  Its algorithm is custom-built for each company to ensure ethical hiring practices and are regularly audited  for bias to support a diverse workforce.

Additionally, it also provides solutions for various HR requirements which includes reskilling, career planning and leadership development, while emphasizing a fair and a data-driven talent evaluation.


Beamery uses AI to improvise candidate relationship management and talent acquisition. Moreover, it also offers varied features like candidate sourcing, talent pipeline management and a personalized candidate engagement to help recruiters build a stronger relationship with candidates to make an informed hiring decision.


Ideal is a tool that uses AI and machine learning to automate and streamline the screening process of candidates thus shortlisting the process. Moreover, it also analyzes resumes, matches all the candidates with specific job requirements and provides recruiters with a right list of candidates, thus saving a lot of time and effort during the initial screening stage.


It uses AI to assist in sourcing candidates and in diversity hiring. Moreover, Entelo uses predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms to identify top candidates from a number of sources, including social media and professional networks to help recruiters in finding the right talent group quickly.

Now, further let us understand how you can choose the best AI Recruitment tool

10 Steps to Choose the best AI Recruitment Tool


Understand the why behind using an AI software and understand what you intend to achieve with it.


Find out whether the AI software works well with all your existing systems and tools.


Look at various things that AI software can perform and choose the ones which are important for your needs.

Ease of Usage

Ensure the AI software is easy to use and doesn’t need a lot of technical knowledge.


Find out if the AI software has a good past track record of being accurate and reliable.


Ensure that your AI software is able to handle growth and can be adjusted as per your changing needs.

Data Privacy

Make sure your software keeps the data saf by following all privacy laws.

Vendor Reputation

Check for the reputation of the vendor that is making the AI software to find how good their reputation is.

Cost and ROI

Consider whether the cost of the AI software is justified by the value it will bring to your investment.

Future Updates

Check if there are plans to enhance and update the AI software going forward.

Review and Adjust

Regularly evaluate how well AI tools are working in your recruitment process. Be prepared to make changes based on feedback and changing hiring needs.

Now, let’s understand how Acquaint Softtech can help in IT Staff Augmentation

How Acquaint Softtech can help in IT Staff Augmentation

Acquaint Softtech is an Indian IT staff augmentation company that specializes in software development outsourcing. We focus on using the Laravel framework to build custom websites and software solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. If you’re looking to hire remote developers, we can help you find the right talent quickly. Our straightforward onboarding process integrates developers into your team within 48 hours.

We offer remote developer services at competitive rates of $15 per hour. We are also expanding our skills to include MEAN stack Development and MERN Stack Development, giving you options to hire developers experienced in these stacks to enhance the efficiency and innovation of your projects.

Now, let’s conclude what we’ve learnt in this article.

Wrapping Up!

Using AI with IT staff augmentation can significantly streamline the process of hiring remote developers. AI enhances the accuracy, efficiency, and fairness of recruitment, allowing companies to quickly hire the best talent. As the digital landscape evolves, so should the methods companies use to attract and keep top talent, ensuring they stay competitive in the tech industry.