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American Eagle .223 FAQs

Got a .223 rifle? Thinking about getting some American Eagle .223 for your ammo cans? These are the top questions on this rifle ammunition from the web, answered.

Does Federal Make American Eagle .223?
Yes, American Eagle ammunition is a brand under the Federal umbrella. Along with some other Federal ammunition, American Eagle .223 ammo is produced at Lake City Army Ammunition Plant in Independence, Missouri.

Which Is More Powerful, 5.56 or .223?
While 5.56 produces slightly higher chamber pressures and ever so slightly different terminal ballistics, for all intents and purposes these cartridges are nearly identical in terms of performance.

Can a 5.56 Rifle Shoot .223?
The best answer is to shoot only through your rifle what is stamped on the barrel. However, a 5.56 rifle can shoot .223, but a .223 rifle should not shoot 5.56 because 5.56 produces higher chamber pressure.

How Far Is .223 Accurate?
That depends on the rifle, the shooter, and the cartridge, but .223 can be accurate out well past 100 yards. It only drops 1.75” or so at 100 yards.

Is American Eagle .223 Good Range Ammo?
American Eagle .223 is an excellent range ammo that is consistent, affordable, accurate, and made with high-quality components. Their full-metal jacket boat-tail bullets are also good for long-range ammo as well as for high-volume shooting.

Is .223 Good for Hunting?
Provided you are hunting with a suitable bullet (typically either soft-point, ballistic-tip, or hollow-point) .223 can be an excellent hunting cartridge for small and medium game. It is considered one of the best cartridges for many varmints and predators such as foxes and coyotes.

Is .223 Too Small for Deer?
Some states do not allow .223 for deer hunting, but with an appropriate bullet, and with proper shot placement, .223 is more than adequate for deer and similarly sized game.

How Much Muzzle Energy Does .223 Produce?
That depends on the powder charge and bullet weight, but American Eagle’s .223 ammo, loaded with 55-grain full metal jacket bullets, produces 1,282 ft-lbs of muzzle energy, which is over 3 times the muzzle energy of a standard 9mm round.

Is .223 a Good Long-Range Caliber?
There are better long-range cartridges, but .223 is relatively flat shooting and since it is more affordable than alternatives like 6.5 Creedmoor, it can make an excellent long-range round. Most .223 rounds will drop just over a foot at 300 yards.

Is .223 a Good Defensive Cartridge?
Loaded with an appropriate bullet, .223 rifle ammo can be a good defensive cartridge. It produces more stopping power than most handgun ammunition, but at close ranges can produce a risk of overpenetration.

Is American Eagle .223 Reloadable?
American Eagle .223 is loaded into high-quality reloadable brass cases. Unlike 5.56, most .223 rounds are also made without crimped primer pockets, making it easier to de-prime and reload them.

Is American Eagle .223 Corrosive?
American Eagle .223 is made without corrosive primers, but you should still keep your gun clean to protect against corrosion, and to ensure accuracy and proper, fluid cycling.

Do Any States Allow Hunting with an AR-15
Yes, actually a lot of states allow hunting with AR-15 and other semi-automatic rifles. Check your state’s fish and game code to be sure before going afield, though.

Where Can I Get American Eagle .223 Online?
You can buy American Eagle .223 online and it is fairly widely available. If your local shop doesn’t have it on the shelf, try Bucking Horse Outpost. They carry a wide range of popular ammo calibers including .223 and 5.56, from the top producers.

Visit their website and while you’re there check out their hot deals and police trade-in specials.