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Artificial Putting Greens: a Smart Investment for Your Home and Game

For passionate golfers, nothing beats being able to walk out your back door and practice putting anytime. Installing a private artificial putting green allows you to sharpen your short game right at home.

With huge advancements in materials, today’s synthetic putting greens offer amazing playability and durability. Investing in your own customizable green pays dividends in improved performance and hours of enjoyable practice time with family and friends.

Read on to learn why artificial grass makes putting greens better than ever. We’ll cover options, cost comparisons, construction tips and more so you can confidently plan the private green of your dreams.

Why Artificial Turf Excels for Putting Greens

Golf course designers choose artificial turf for putting greens more than ever before due to the huge advantages over natural grass:

All-weather playability: Synthetic greens offer ideal smooth putting conditions rain or shine, hot or cold. Natural grass variably slows or speeds up with weather fluctuations.

Consistent speed: The ball roll speed stays perfect and predictable thanks to the uniform synthetic turf surface.

Superior drainage: Rainwater drains vertically through synthetic turf so no puddling ever occurs.

Reduced maintenance: Artificial Putting Greens need none of the intense mowing, fertilizing and chemical treatment real grass demands.

Customizable challenges: Creative shapes, tiers and contours are possible to take skills to the next level.

Year-round green color: Synthetic turf never yellows or browns during winter dormancy like real Northern grasses.

With outstanding play, beautiful aesthetics and minimal care required, today’s faux greens are better than the real thing.

Design Flexibility for All Skill Levels

One major advantage of installing your own practice putting green is the ability to fully customize the layout and difficulty. During design, consider factors like:

– Size – Dimensions from 10’x10’ to 30’x60’ work well for most homes. Allow ample space for putts up to 30 feet or more.

– Contours – Add tiers, hills and ridges to practice tricky breaking putts and uneven lies. Or keep it flat and speedy.

– Bunker – Integrate a small sand bunker to rehearse explosions and challenging up and downs.

– Fringe – Design the area just off the green with a slightly taller grass height.

– Shape – Traditional round or square greens work well but you can also have fun with zigzags, ovals and freeform kidney shapes.

– Multiple holes – Incorporate several holes and pin placements for variety.

The possibilities are endless for your fantasy course! An experienced designer helps ensure playability and proper drainage too.

Comparing Natural Grass and Artificial Putting Green Costs 

Constructing a quality putting green carries a significant upfront investment. But artificial turf provides strong return on investment long-term compared to constant care real grass demands.

Let’s compare realistic costs over a 10 year period:

Artificial Turf Green

Installation – $7,000 to $15,000 depending on size and features

Annual maintenance – $0 to $500 for occasional cleaning

Total 10 year cost – $7,000 to $16,000

Natural Grass Green

Installation – $5,000 to $12,000 depending on preparation required

Annual maintenance – $1,500 to $2,500 for mowing, fertilizing, etc.

Overseeding/resodding – $2,000 every 3 years

Total 10 year cost – $18,500 to $30,000+

The numbers show that when you factor in long-term savings on maintenance and care, artificial turf is very competitively priced compared to the hassle and cost of real grass upkeep.

Constructing Your Artificial Putting Green for Optimal Play

A properly constructed base and subgrade are crucial for your putting green to offer great speed and playability. Here are the recommended construction steps:

– Excavate 6-12” of soil to allow for base materials

– Install perforated drainage tubing and gravel backfill

– Add geotextile stabilization fabric to prevent settling

– Install 4-6” compacted crushed stone base

– Finish with 1-2” special green-height synthetic turf

– Fill infill between blades and brush evenly

With a stable uniform base and premium turf variety selected specifically for greens, your artificial surface will handle thousands of putts while providing ideal speed and smooth rolls.

Protecting Your Investment Over the Long Term

Like any outdoor amenity, proper care protects your investment in keeping your artificial green performing and looking its best for decades. Follow these care tips:

– Remove debris before it can accumulate and mat down blades

– Inspect annually for seams or tearing and repair as needed

– Deep clean annually using a specialized turf cleaner machine

– Check base stability and infill levels, restoring as required

– Rotate hole positions occasionally to distribute wear patterns

– Mist occasionally to rinse away dust and restore color

– Consider seasonal storage covers if unused for extended periods

With professional turf installation and routine care, today’s premium synthetic putting greens provide 20 years or more of near maintenance-free enjoyment.

5 Key Benefits of Owning Your Own Artificial Putting Green

Still not convinced installing your own practice putting green is worth the investment? Here are five benefits that make it 100% worthwhile for passionate golfers:

Convenience: Practice and perfect your putting stroke anytime without leaving home.

Saves Time: Spend less time traveling to and from the course or range for practice sessions.

Consistency: The playing surface stays perfect everyday regardless of natural weather fluctuations.

Family Fun: Enjoy friendly putting challenges with loved ones right in your own backyard.

Improved Skills: Shave strokes off your scores by sharpening your touch on your private green.

Along with the sheer fun and convenience, the performance gains your backyard practice facilitates make a personal putting green well worth the investment!

Live Your Golf Dream With Durable Artificial Putting Green

A perfectly contoured synthetic putting green transports you from your backyard to the manicured greens of the world’s top courses anytime you wish. Bring the dream green you’ve always imagined to life working with the putting green installation experts at Creative Turf Install.

Whether you’re looking for a basic flat practice green or an undulating masterpiece to challenge your skills, we’ll help build your ideal space for escaping without leaving home. Contact us today to get started designing your private putting paradise.

Creative Turf Install specializes in beautifully designed and constructed artificial putting greens and professional Turf Installation. Call today or visit online for a free quote on creating your own private practice green!

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