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Audiobooks and eBooks: Why They Matter

The vast majority of books are read in print – around 80 percent. But as book publicity experts can tell you, it doesn’t mean you should overlook other formats. The two most commonly considered are audiobooks and eBooks. Each has an audience and is helpful in promotional campaigns. Most authors read their audiobooks, which make ready-made soundbites available. eBooks allow you to broaden your audience and can be low-cost ways to promote your book online. Bookselling websites operate with algorithms monitoring sales, and low-priced eBooks can get the ball rolling. 

It’s a popular author promotional tactic to place book excerpts on your website. You can place an audio chapter on your site when you have an audiobook. Depending on your book and the clip, it may be influential in drawing listeners into your story. Upon hearing it, some who have purchased a book may choose an audio version instead. Those who stick with the printed copy may still be impressed by the audio. It’s another way to connect with fans; some excerpts end up as audio clips in the media. When you develop all aspects of your book, you reach more people naturally. 

When eBooks were first popularized, some thought they would quickly displace printed books. It didn’t happen, but they have become valuable to authors in specific ways. One of the most noteworthy is their potential role in getting you recommended by the algorithms of large online booksellers. The algorithms recommend books primarily based on how well they sell, regardless of format. If you run a low-price eBook promotion around the time of your launch, you can ring up brisk sales that get you higher in the recommendation queue. When you’re more visible, it always helps sales. 

One of the most important things for any author is to be competitive within your genre. Some are more active for eBooks and audiobooks than others. What’s most important is appealing to your target readers and offering the book formats they prefer. If you’ve written several books already and have not yet tried alternate formats, you are wise to consider them for your next project. It might also make sense to produce them retroactively for your earlier books. Some audience segments, such as the visually impaired, depend on single formats to access your work. The goal is to make your books more successful.