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Balcony Deck Design Ideas: Creating an Outdoor Oasis

No balcony is too small or too badly structured for you to not spend quality time there with your friends and family. No matter how tiny your balcony may be, you can turn it into an inviting corner to spend lazy Sunday mornings sipping coffee or taking a meeting while working on a remote day. It is all about using your space and resources wisely and applying innovative balcony decoration ideas to help you uncover your balcony’s potential. 

Although it is sensible to call on professionals for balcony leak repairs, you do not necessarily need expert help to decorate your balcony and make it a space worth spending time in. It is essential to keep in mind that not all balconies are as huge – and innately functional – as decks or patios. 

So instead of wasting your time and resources to turn your balcony into something it is not, a better option is to understand your space’s dimensions and use it accordingly. Decide what you want your balcony to be, and then put in work to help it be it. A balcony does not necessarily have to fit in a dining table or a herb garden: as long as it is an outdoor chilling zone, you are good to go. 

Let us look at some fun balcony deck design ideas to turn your balcony into an outdoor oasis with minimal effort!

Change Your Railing 

If you are renovating your home’s balcony to give it a new look, a sensible option is to upgrade your balcony railing as well. Even if you don’t want to rip the entire thing out and replace it with a new one, changing builder-grade features such as the color or basic trim can do the job. An intricately designed or simple yet appealing railing can completely change the visual appeal of your balcony, making it look more modern and chic. 

Add Wall Art 

One of the best ways to make your outdoor balcony feel like an integral part of your home is decorating it just as you would your living room. Adding attractive wall art that matches the balcony style you are going for makes it seem more inviting and homey and also gives you the opportunity of tailoring your space’s aesthetic ranking. 

Wall art does not always have to be expensive: you can buy inexpensive yet appealing options from thrift stores and use them creatively to adorn your space. Time to turn your creative wheels and channel your inventive energy into doing something worthwhile for your house! 

Make Your Balcony Look Like A Living Room 

You can make even a drab-looking balcony seem homey by turning it into a comfy sitting area with a good-looking couch. If getting a couch is too expensive an option, you can pop in a few chairs and bean bags into your space, and they alone can do the trick! 

Buying a new couch for your balcony is also not cost-effective because of the outdoor environment it will constantly be exposed to, resulting in it wearing away pretty soon. But if you have an old couch that you want to replace, or find a good one in a thrift store, propping them into your balcony is a good idea. You can make your space even more comfortable by adding mood lighting, comfy blankets, and a cute little rug. 

Demarcate Zones 

If you are bestowed with a larger balcony and cannot figure out how to decorate it, a good idea is to demarcate zones to increase its functionality. Your balcony can feature an eating or lounging area with a small table and a few chairs and an outdoor living room with couches and chairs facing the view. 

Use Plants For Aesthetics And Privacy 

Plants make an excellent addition to all balconies, no matter which interior decoration style you are going for. But adding to your space’s aesthetics and bringing nature to your home are not the only benefits of adding plants to your interior design list: they are great for instilling a sense of calm and privacy in your otherwise open space. 

Outdoor balconies are not the most private spaces, so installing hanging plants in openings can save you the trouble and money of going for curtains, screens, or artificial walls. Not only will some good-looking plants make your space smell and look good, but they will also keep intruding glances at bay. 

Go For A Swing 

Just as a Friday night is incomplete without a cheesy pizza, a balcony is under-decorated without a swing. If you are lucky enough to have an overhang for your balcony, it is time to set out and buy a swing immediately. 

Swings not only give a space a cozy and comfortable look but are also great for unwinding after a long day and soaking the view from your house. Remember to check in with your building’s ordinances before installing a swing, especially if you live in a condo or apartment.

Summing Up 

Your drab-looking balcony can become the most exciting part of your house if only you let your creativity bloom and decorate it in a fun way. Visit here to related post to learn more about how to upgrade your house without spending big bucks!