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Behind the Scenes: How to Strategically Design Your WhatsApp Business Auto Reply


At the moment, WhatsApp company is a cornerstone in the Indian company marketing and communication space. Owing to its extensive features and user-friendly interface, it is currently regarded as one of the most prosperous digital platforms for business communication and WhatsApp Commerce. The range of functions that it offers further enhances this. The WhatsApp auto-reply message feature is one of those capabilities. 


What does WhatsApp Business Auto Reply mean? 

As the name suggests, WhatsApp Business Auto Reply function lets companies write messages in advance that can be automatically forwarded to clients when a certain set of conditions is met. Businesses can customize Greetings and Away messages with the WhatsApp Business app. To guarantee that every customer has a customized experience, you, the business owner, have the option to include factors like the customer’s name, date, and time. You can also send pre-written messages straight from the WhatsApp Business app thanks to the auto-reply option. 

Writing a Successful Auto-Reply Message for WhatsApp Business 

Determining the message’s goal is crucial to crafting a successful WhatsApp Auto Reply message. Business owners should research their customers’ journeys and craft the greatest auto-reply messages that will not only help but actively steer them, as WhatsApp has the highest message open rates in today’s digital world. 

Additionally, companies need to guarantee that the auto-reply messages they send are pertinent and interesting. They run the danger of losing the support of their user base and damaging their reputation if they don’t. You cannot afford to take this chance because losing one of your most significant clients would be the last thing you want to happen.  

Because auto-replies might vary depending on a particular set of circumstances, companies must conduct research and determine the appropriate keywords and variables that must be taken into consideration. By doing this, they will be able to craft communications that are not only pertinent and call to action, but also highly engaging for their target demographic. 

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To Assist you, Here are 25 WhatsApp Auto Reply Message Samples for Business 


After seeing the advantages of using automatic reply messages, let’s examine some of the most pertinent templates for WhatsApp Business auto reply messages for WhatsApp. To save the template to your clipboard, click the copy button next to each message!  

Auto reply WhatsApp business greeting message example 

Greetings <Client Name>. We appreciate your interest in our services/products. Feel free to browse our webpage or contact us for more detailed information. 

Away message for business 

We appreciate your communication with us! We promise to respond to you as quickly as we can. We wish you a wonderful day!  

Autoresponder message sent after business hours  

Hi there! It appears that you have gotten in touch with us while we are away. When we return to the office, we’ll respond to your inquiry. 

Auto-reply message on the launch of a new product 

We appreciate your interest in our most recent offering. We appreciate our connection and look forward to speaking with you soon. 

WhatsApp Business Auto-reply message for order confirmation 

We appreciate your order of <product name>. Your order has been processed, and we anticipate delivery in two working days. Using <Code>, you can keep track of the order. 

Message for sales and promotion  

Thank you for getting in touch with us, dear customer. We’ll reply to you right away. We have deals on a range of products as part of our Summer Sale. Here is where you can find them: <URL>. 

WhatsApp Business Auto reply message for holiday  

Cheers to Diwali! We are busier than usual, but our team will get back to you as soon as possible regarding your inquiry. 

Auto reply message for  FAQs  

Hello there! It appears that you posed a question. Our staff will get in touch with you as soon as possible to address your inquiry. Additionally, you can obtain some pertinent information that you might find helpful by visiting our FAQ Section <Link>. 

WhatsApp Business Auto reply message for online service features  

It appears that you have a question regarding <feature name>. We promise to get back to you right away. For pertinent information, you can also visit our service information page. 

WhatsApp Business Auto reply message for review requests 

Greetings, <client name> We’d want to know what you think of our services. Please help our customer care staff learn about your experience by sharing it on our <Link>. 

Auto reply message for delayed response  

Hello, we appreciate you contacting us. Our staff may not be able to reply to your inquiry right away due to an increase in workload. We sincerely apologize ahead of time. 

WhatsApp Business Auto reply message for refund  

Hello <name of client>, We are aware of your request for a refund. After reviewing the request, our staff will get in touch with you. To find out if you can get a refund for your product, you can read our refund policy. 

WhatsApp Business Auto reply message for travel enquiry  

Hello, thank you for contacting us regarding our vacation package. We’ll get in touch with you to discuss scheduling your next travel. 

Message for vehicle service booking  

Hello, client We are aware of your request to schedule service for <Vehicle name>. Your car will soon be picked up by our service expert. 

Auto reply message for food order  

Greetings, client. We have verified the details of your meal order. When our partner picks up the order for delivery, we’ll let you know.  

Message for doctor consultation  

Hello <client>, The time and date of your consultation with <doctor name> are set for <Date and Time>. When you arrive at the hospital, please provide our reception with your reservation number, <reservation ID>. 

WhatsApp Business Auto reply message for admission enquiry  

Hello there! We have noted that you are interested in being admitted. To reserve a time for your interview, kindly complete the form. Further details regarding our admissions policy are available at <Link>. 

Auto reply message for service subscription  

Greetings, we appreciate your interest in our <service name>. We are happy to have you as a member of our family. You can download the app to receive regular updates about our services and peruse some pertinent stuff on our blog <url>.  

Auto reply message for transaction  

Hello <name of client>, We apologize to notify you that the insufficient balance caused your most recent transaction to fail. You can give it another go with a different payment method.     

WhatsApp Business Auto reply message for opt-In  

Hello and thank you for getting in touch with us. We’ll reply to you right away. Additionally, you have the option to choose to get pertinent updates about new services, products, and deals. 

WhatsApp Business Auto reply message for enrollment 

Hello, we appreciate your enrollment with <organization name>. We are happy to have you as a member of our family. To get regular information about our services, download the app. 

WhatsApp Business Auto reply message for feedback  

Hello, thank you for your feedback. We’ll reply to you right away. For more helpful information, you can also turn to our FAQ page. 

Message for abandoned conversation 

Hello, since we haven’t heard from you in a while, we would like to end this chat. If your problem remains unresolved, don’t hesitate to contact us once more. 

WhatsApp Business Auto reply message for technical issue  

Hello , We’re having some technical difficulties right now, so communication is being delayed. Hold on, and we will respond to you right away. 

Auto reply message for property enquiry  

Greetings, we have noticed that you are interested in purchasing our . We will be in contact with you shortly to provide you further details. 

WhatsApp Business Auto reply message for insurance claim  

Greetings, <client> We are pleased to assist you with your insurance claim request, which we have received. However, in order to process the claim, we want additional information from you. Our insurance representative will contact you in a short while. 

Use these templates as WhatsApp Business auto reply message sample for business, to accelerate your process more rapidly. 

Configuring Chatbots on WhatsApp to Auto Reply 

Business owners can respond to consumers promptly and uphold a high degree of confidence and dependability with their clientele by configuring automatic replies in WhatsApp Commerce. WhatsApp has also enabled automatic responses in its chatbot, which can be developed using the WhatsApp API application interface, to assist businesses in streamlining their conversations across all interfaces. 

Allowing owners of WhatsApp chatbots to rapidly contribute audiovisual as well as text messages as replies is one advantage of turning on automatic replies. They can also use it to generate a list of alternatives for clients to select from and convert it into distinctive dialogue flows that are simple to automate. 

You must work with a WhatsApp Business Service Provider (BSP), like WebMaxy, who provides an intuitive WhatsApp interface and tools for creating conversation flows in order to set up automatic replies in a chatbot. 

One of the top WhatsApp BSPs in India, WebMaxy, has expertise creating, implementing, and modifying chatbots and interfaces for WhatsApp. Businesses can automate customer discussions and build personalized chatbots with the help of cutting-edge technology and knowledge, resulting in effective customer engagement.  

WebMaxy can assist businesses with automated responses as well as offer priceless advice on a variety of other topics, including data migration, analytics, list building, WhatsApp template messages, and much more. Thus, please get in touch with our staff! 

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What is a WhatsApp auto-reply? 


WhatsApp auto-reply is a feature in WhatsApp Business that allows users to automatically send a preset response to incoming messages when they are unable to respond immediately. 


How can I set up WhatsApp Business Auto Reply? 


You can set up WhatsApp Business Auto Reply by following the below steps: 


  • Open the WhatsApp Business app. 
  • Tap More options. > Business tools > Away message. 
  • Turn on Send away message. 
  • Under Away message, tap the message to edit it, then tap OK. 
  • Tap Schedule to schedule your away message. … 
  • Tap Recipients to determine who should receive your away message. … 
  • Tap SAVE. 


How to remove auto reply in whatsapp business? 

To remove a quick reply in WhatsApp Business, you can: 

  • Go to the Business tools section 
  • Select Quick replies 
  • Find the quick reply you want to remove 
  • Tap on it 
  • Delete the quick reply 


Why use a WhatsApp Business API? 

Businesses can use WhatsApp Business API to: 


  • Improve customer engagement: Send messages to customers quickly and efficiently on a large scale. 
  • Streamline communication: Use WhatsApp Interactive Messages to reduce back-and-forth texting and make it easier for customers to communicate with businesses. 
  • Send bulk messages: Save time and money while contacting leads and building customer loyalty. 
  • Use chatbots: Save time and resources. 
  • Reach a wider audience: Leverage WhatsApp’s more than 2 billion active users. 
  • Enhance branding: Build trust with customers and keep track of leads with minimal effort. 
  • Integrate with other systems: Streamline communication processes by integrating the messaging app with existing systems. 
  • Secure messaging: Use the highly encrypted platform for virtual counseling and follow-ups. 
  • Business verification: Display a verified business profile with the business name and a green check mark on the WhatsApp profile. 


What are the Benefits of WhatsApp Auto Reply for Businesses? 

Benefits of WhatsApp Auto Reply for Businesses are shown below. 

Customer service 

Auto-replies can provide instant responses to customer queries, acknowledge them, and set expectations for when they can expect a response. 


Auto-replies can save time by automatically responding to frequently asked questions or standard inquiries. 


Auto-replies can ensure that messaging remains consistent, clear, and professional, regardless of the volume of incoming messages. 

Customer satisfaction 

Timely responses can boost customer satisfaction. 

Frees up staff time 

Auto-replies can answer routine queries automatically, freeing up staff time to handle other requests. 


Is there a limit to the number of auto reply message for whatsapp? 

WhatsApp Business does not have a strict limit on the number of auto replies you can set. However, the maximum number of quick replies you can store is 50. Quick replies can include media messages like videos and images, and can be up to 25 characters long. Shortcuts cannot include spaces.