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Benefits of Vaping Max VG Vape Juice in Canada

When it comes to vaping e-liquids, you can easily find vape juice in Canada as max-VG and PG/VG blends. Besides, PG in e-liquids stands for Propylene Glycol and VG stands for Vegetable Glycerine. 

Furthermore, it is totally up to your personal preference whether you choose to vape max-VG or PG/VG e-liquids. Nevertheless, there are various benefits of vaping max-VG e-juices, which we shall share with you in this post.   

Benefits of Vaping Max-VG E-Liquids

The following are the prominent benefits of vaping max-VG e-liquids in Canada:

A Natural Option

We have already mentioned that you can buy e-liquids as a PG/VG blend and as Max-VG. Besides, PG in e-liquids is a by-product that derives from plastic, and it is used in cosmetic and cooking supplies. 

On the other hand, VG is all natural that comes from vegetables, unlike PG. By the same token, some vape juice brands advertise VG e-liquids as kosher and vegan-friendly.

If you are someone who prefers the natural option for e-liquids, max-VG e-juices are for you.

Inherently Light and Sweet Flavour

One of the drawbacks of VG e-liquids that some vapers list is that they are light and sweet flavour. However, vaping max-VG e-liquids lets vapers enjoy vaping with very faintly sweet vape clouds. 

Besides, 99% of e-liquid flavours are artificialized after sweet drinks and desserts. Moreover, vaping max-VG e-liquids allows vapers to enjoy vaping with a sweet experience without a drop of artificial sweetener.

Even if you have a sweet tooth and do not want to sacrifice the calories, max-VG e-liquids will suit you.

No Risk of Allergic Reaction

Vaping VG-only e-liquids does not cause allergic reactions to people. Contrarily, one out of ten vapers develop allergic reactions by vaping PG-based e-juices. Vapers generally feel allergic reactions vaping e-liquids because of incredibly harsh hits from vaping. As a result, they suffer from itching, rashes, etc., with burning in their throats and lungs.

Moreover, PG-based vapes do not suit first-time vapers who already have an allergy. So, it is best for vape enthusiasts to opt for VG-only vape juice in Canada who are allergic.

Bigger and Better Clouds

The main benefit of vaping max-VG e-liquids is the bigger and better vape clouds they produce. This is because VG is more viscous than PG, so it is more responsive to producing thicker vape clouds. Besides, blowing thicker vape clouds seems fun to vape enthusiasts.    

Furthermore, vapers who switch to max-VG e-liquids wonder how big and beautiful vape clouds become. If you also want to produce bigger and better vape clouds with vaping, VG e-liquids are your go-to option

Requires Lower Temperature for Vaping

Interestingly, you can vape max-VG e-liquids at a lower temperature. This is because VG is thicker and slightly different in chemical structure than PG. It means you do not need to increase the temperature of your device (box mod) dangerously for vaping max-VG e-juices.

Moreover, vaping max-VG e-liquids lowers the chance of burning your hand or melting something coming in contact with your vaping device.

Gentle Soothing Throat Hits

Many ex-smokers claim they get better throat hits vaping PG-based e-liquids. This is the claim they make because they find such throat hits closer to smoking traditional cigarettes. However, vaping is more about clouds for vapers who do not have cigarette-based nostalgia. 

Furthermore, vaping max-VG e-liquids provides smokers with smoother throat hits. It also offers vapers a soothing delivery of flavour and nicotine at the same time. Therefore, vapers who look for a pleasing sensation vaping e-liquids, max-VG is the ideal choice.

Limited Dehydration

VG-based e-liquids absorb water a little less excessively than PG though both can cause dehydration. Additionally, vaping e-liquids can cause vapers to suffer from dry mouth over time.

Nonetheless, max-VG e-liquids cause limited dehydration. This is because VG bonds to fewer water molecules after passing through the bodies of vapers. It ensures vapers remain hydrated while vaping max-VG e-liquids.

Smoother Flavour Delivery

Max-VG e-liquids let vapers enjoy delicious e-juice flavours in the smoothest way. Irrespective of the flavour you choose, thick billowing clouds of VG e-liquids will deliver a smooth flavour.

Furthermore, max-VG e-liquids allows vapers to experience a smooth and relaxing sensation with vaping while enjoying throat hits.


In vape stores, you can find e-juices as PG/VG blends and as max-VG. Besides, there are various benefits of vaping max-VG vape juice in Canada. We have summarized those benefits below:

  1. Max VG e-liquids are the natural option for vaping.
  2. In addition, they have an inherently light and sweet flavour.
  3. Vaping these e-liquids does not cause any allergic reaction.
  4. They produce bigger and better clouds
  5. Additionally, you can vape max-VG e-liquids at a lower temperature. 
  6. Max-VG e-juices offer soothing throat hits.
  7. They cause limited dehydration.
  8. Last but not least, vaping max-VG e-liquids lets vapers enjoy vape juice flavours with smooth delivery. 

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