Best Gil Gil Classes in Final Fantasy XIV

With the launch of Shadowbringers, a lot has changed in the way FFXIV players earn Gil. However, some things remain consistent. One of those...
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Best Gil Gil Classes in Final Fantasy XIV

With the launch of Shadowbringers, a lot has changed in the way FFXIV players earn Gil. However, some things remain consistent. One of those constants is the demand for even low-level crafted items such as dyes. This makes a Carpenter an excellent choice as the Job offers access to a market board with a stable customer base.

Disciples of the Hand

The Blacksmith crafting class is one of the most profitable ways to make Gil in Final Fantasy XIV. The class can create a variety of gear and furniture that are highly sought after by other players, which sells for a premium on the market board. The Blacksmith class also has access to valuable crafting materials such as thavnairian onion, which can be sold in large quantities at a profit.

Similarly, the Goldsmith crafter makes good gil in f14 gil through the sale of their accessories on the market board. The class can desynth the widest range of items of the three gathering classes, including high-level items that cannot be crafted by other players. In addition, the Alchemist crafting class can earn good gil through the sale of their potions and elixirs on the market board. The class can also do solid levequests, which are a reliable source of gil and experience.

Disciples of the Land

The Disciples of the Land are the best gil-making classes in FFXIV. Their skills allow them to gather and sell the materials needed by other crafters, which can provide a consistent income. This is especially true if they prioritize the high-level gathering skills of Botanist, Fisher, and Mining. The other main source of gil in FFXIV is through the Main Scenario Quests, which reward players experience and Gil. These activities can be as simple as speaking with an NPC or completing a Dungeon. Other tasks include collecting items, slaying monsters, and even flipping houses.

Another great way to make gil is through the Market Board, an in-game marketplace where players can buy and sell goods. The key to success is to keep your stock up-to-date and read the Market Board often, particularly at night when most competitors are offline. You can also send your Retainers on Ventures, which boost the chances of them returning with sellable loot that can be sold on the Market Board.


In FFXIV, players can make Gil through a variety of methods. These include dungeons, raids, and crafting. However, the best way to make money is by gathering. Gathering classes such as Miner, Botanist, and Fisher harvest natural resources throughout Eorzea. These can then be sold on the Market Board for a profit.

In addition to gil, these jobs also provide valuable materials such as Coethan Tea Leaves and Skysteel Scrips. These can be sold to other players or used in the Firmament to purchase unique dyes that are otherwise unavailable for Gil. Another great way to make Gil is by taking advantage of retainer ventures.

While repairing gear is a necessary part of the game, it can be a huge drain on your wallet. To avoid this, be sure to check the repair level of your gear before buying it on the market. You can also use the Market Board or FC chest to sell your items for a reasonable price.


While many other ways to earn gil in Final Fantasy XIV have shifted with the release of the latest expansion Shadowbringers, crafting and gathering remain among the best ways to make money. These methods are a bit more time intensive than others such as Eureka instance farming, treasure hunts and retainer ventures but can still provide players with a sizable income if they are well managed.

Crafting classes like Blacksmith, Goldsmith, Alchemist and Culinarian can offer in-demand equipment, furniture and consumables to the Market Board for a steady stream of Gil. Additionally, these classes can take on repeatable Levequests to gather materials for sale.

While Blacksmith is the most profitable crafting class for gil, Carpenter also brings in a decent amount. This is because the accessories made by this class can be sold to any player, regardless of their battle class, making it more accessible to buyers. Additionally, Carpenter is able to desynth weapons from the latest tier which makes it a great choice for a gil farmer.