Best Time to Perform Umrah in Ramadan 2024

Muslims celebrate the Islamic calendar's holiest month, Ramadan, all around the world. It is a time for introspection, discipline, and heightened adoration for Allah....
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Best Time to Perform Umrah in Ramadan 2024

Muslims celebrate the Islamic calendar’s holiest month, Ramadan, all around the world. It is a time for introspection, discipline, and heightened adoration for Allah. Umrah, the shorter journey to the sacred city of Mecca, is one of the most beloved acts of prayer throughout Ramadan. Let’s explore the significant experience of doing Umrah with the best Umrah packages from USA during Ramadan in this blog post. Recognizing Umrah in Ramadan Month: Islamic tradition maintains that doing an Umrah during Ramadan is especially meritorious and blessed. Umrah in Ramadan is strongly recommended because of the many benefits it offers, even though it is not required like Hajj.

March is the ideal month for Ramadan weather

Despite Makkah’s reputation for scorching days, you can be pleased to hear that March can actually have quite comfortable weather, with daytime highs of 20°C to 30°C. For those who cannot tolerate the extreme heat, this year’s Ramadan Umrah is the ideal option! Naturally, though, as the temperature drops, more people congregate in search of the same cozy surroundings for Ramadan. Thus, schedule your Umrah early in advance and stay away from the busiest times!

Umrah permits for Ramadan can be obtained online via an online app

To enter one of the Two Holy Mosques Masjid al-Haram, and the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina, Masjid an-Nabawi, pray, or even just do Umrah, you must obtain a permit using the online app. The only way to get a permit or make an appointment is through a digital app. Just be sure to honor the time and date that you reserved. Even though security personnel don’t always verify appointments at the door, they most certainly do so during busy hours! Don’t worry if plans change; you can easily cancel and make a new reservation.

When you get there, transportation is not a concern for you

Navigating Saudi Arabia is not as difficult as traveling during Ramadan! There is a practical and dependable method to get to and about Makkah, regardless of your preferences or financial situation.

  • Makkah airport: The Harmain High-Speed Train (HHR) runs straight between Makkah and the airports in Madinah and Jeddah. Tickets can be purchased via the HHR Train app or at the airport.
  • Free shuttle buses from the airport: If you land in Jeddah, you may also board the free buses that go straight to Masjid al-Haram in Makkah. The buses leave every two hours and run from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Traveling About Makkah:
  • Makkah Bus: This transportation option connects the Grand Mosque and its environs to Jaranah, Al Shuhada’a, and Al Kakiya by many routes within Makkah. Online resources are available for bus timetables and routes.  
  • Hotel Pickup and Drop-off: This practical facility to and from Masjid al-Haram is provided by several Makkah hotels.  
  • Ride-sharing apps: Taxis are a more costly alternative, although Careem and Uber provide the same amenities at affordable rates.

Getting Ready for the Blessing Journey

During Ramadan, thorough planning and physical and spiritual readiness are essential for Umrah preparation.   

  • Become Informed: To guarantee a seamless and significant experience, prepare yourself with the Umrah rituals, such as Tawaf, Sa’i, and Tahalul.   
  • Prepare yourself physically: To withstand the physical strain of Umrah, keep up a healthy diet and regular exercise regimen.   
  • Spiritual Preparation: To mentally get ready for the trip, increase your worship activities, such as reading the Quran, praying, and doing Dhikr, which is remembering Allah. 

Performing Umrah Rituals throughout Ramadan

To guarantee that these rituals are meaningful, you must comprehend them and get ready for them.   

  • Ihram: Dress in the appropriate clothing and declare your intention to perform the Umrah as you enter this holy state of pilgrimage.   
  • Tawaf: To perform Tawaf, around the Kaaba 7 times while expressing gratitude to Allah and reciting prayers.   
  • Sa’i: To commemorate Hajar’s quest for water, finish Sa’i by brisk walking 7 times within the mountains of Safa and Marwah.   
  • Shaving or Trimming Hair: Men shave or trim their hair to signify the accomplishment of Umrah after finishing Sa’i.   
  • Tahalul: By completing Tahalul, one can leave the Ihram state and resume regular activity. 

Importance of Umrah In the Holy Month

Completing Umrah during Ramadan has great spiritual benefits and significance, which enhances believers’ spiritual development.   

  • Increased Benefits: Since every good conduct is rewarded during this auspicious month, undertaking Umrah in Ramadan increases the benefits many times more. 
  • Spiritual Purification: Umrah during Ramadan provides a special chance to purify one’s soul and ask Allah for pardon.
  • Closeness to Laylat al-Qadr: The Night of Decree, or Laylat al-Qadr, takes place during the month of Ramadan. Being at the Haram on this auspicious night is more likely if Umrah is performed during Ramadan.
  • Oneness of the Ummah: During Ramadan, thousands of Muslims from all backgrounds assemble in Mecca, creating a sense of fraternity and oneness among the faithful.

Useful Advice for a Prosperous Umrah Journey

To ensure a seamless and fulfilling experience, starting the Umrah journey during Ramadan demands careful planning and thoughtful thinking.

  • Make a Plan: Plan your lodging and travel well before saving headaches at the last minute.
  • Keep Hydrated: Between Iftar and Suhoor, keep hydrated by drinking lots of water, especially considering how hot it may get in Mecca during Ramadan.
  • Timing: To reduce traffic and enhance the spiritual experience, plan your Umrah rites for when it’s less busy.
  • Patience and persistence: Throughout your trip, exercise patience and persistence as you navigate through congested areas and lengthy lines.
  • Seek Knowledge: To deepen your faith and gain a better understanding of Islam, make the most of the speeches and spiritual events that Mecca hosts throughout the month of Ramadan.


A truly enlightening experience, December Umrah packages from California during Ramadan enable Muslims to become closer to Allah, ask for pardon, and reap bountiful rewards. Muslims can make this holy journey by being physically and spiritually prepared, adhering to the rites with devotion, and modeling endurance and patience.