John Deere 5105 Price in India

The John Deere 5105 is a 40-horsepower tractor with 34 horsepower PTO, 2100 rpm, 2900 CC displacement, 8 forward and 4 reverse gearboxes, and...
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Best Tractor Sprayer in India 2024 – Tractorgyan

Upgrade your farm with the power of precision spraying with the best tractor sprayer in India in 2024, proudly presented by Tractorgyan. Our tractor sprayer implements are a game-changer, automating the application of fertilizers, water, and pesticides with precision and efficiency. Equipped with advanced nozzles, these sprayers ensure even distribution, leaving zero room for wastage. Embark on a seamless spraying experience with Tractorgyan’s sprayer implementations, catering to the diverse needs of farmers across India.

The price for these innovative implements starts at just Rs. 38,500* and can go up to Rs. 5.5 Lakh*, offering a range of models and features to suit your specific requirements. Among the renowned models available are the Mitra Bullet, Mitra Cropmaster, Mahindra Grapemaster, and Mitra Bullet 575, each a testament to cutting-edge agricultural technology. The sprayer HP ranges from 20 to 50 HP, ensuring compatibility with a variety of tractors. Tractorgyan takes pride in offering an extensive listing of tractor sprayers from reputed brands such as Mahindra, Mitra, and Soil Master.