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Blizzards, Ice, and Breakdowns of Trucks: Winter’s Call for Roadside Assistance Near Me

Roadside Assistance Near Me

Winter brings snow and icy roads that make driving tough. Trucks and cars can have lots of problems during this time, like getting stuck in blizzards or sliding on sneaky black ice. But there’s a hero in this chilly tale: roadside assistance near you! They’re the ones who quickly come to fix dead batteries, unlock frozen doors, and sort out tire and engine troubles. Let’s take a closer look at how they save the day during the freezing season.

Winter Truck Problems that Call for Road Assistance Near Me

1.     Dead Batteries

One of the most common troubles during winter is a dead battery. Batteries are less efficient at retaining power in cold and hot temperatures. This is because low temperatures cause chemical reactions inside batteries to proceed more slowly. As a result, your battery will discharge more slowly.

The vehicles struggle to start, leaving drivers stranded in need of a jumpstart. Roadside assistance quickly resolves this by jumpstarting the vehicle or replacing the battery if needed.

2.     Frost Doors and Locks

Imagine stepping out on a frosty morning, eager to hit the road, only to find your car’s door lock encased in a glistening layer of ice. The chilly winter air can cause doors and locks to freeze shut. It makes it impossible to access or secure the vehicle.

If you are in a similar fix, you can look up roadside assistance near me and call them immediately. They use specialized techniques and tools, like specially formulated de-icing sprays or fluids, to defrost and unfreeze locks.

3.     Clogged Fuel Filter

As temperatures fall, the organic wax in diesel fuel begins to bind together, causing a white haze in the fuel known as fuel gelling. When fuel gels, it can’t pass through the filter, effectively starving your engine of fuel.

When this happens, the vehicle struggles to draw enough fuel for proper operation. In this scenario, a professional will tackle this issue by either clearing the clog or replacing the fuel filter to keep your truck or trailer on the move.

4.     Engine Starting Issue

Another common problem for trucks during winter is engine starting issues. That’s because friction and resistance increase in cold weather, which makes it harder for engines to turn over and start.

Now, this can be due to thickened oil or other mechanical issues exacerbated by low temperatures. If your engine isn’t starting, you can search online for 24/7 roadside assistance near me. These professionals can come to your locations and use diagnostic tools and expertise to identify the problem and provide the necessary fixes, getting the engine running smoothly again.

5.     Spark Plugs Trouble

Cold causes metal engine parts to contract, increasing the gap between the electrode and the tip of a spark plug and making it more difficult for a spark to jump. Even old plugs deteriorate faster. This can cause misfires or difficulties in ignition. Mechanics inspect and, if necessary, replace the spark plugs to ensure proper engine performance.


6.     Frozen Windshield Wipers

Winter can cause your windshield wipers to freeze, making them incapable of effectively clearing snow or rain and compromising visibility. Roadside assistance services use various methods like applying de-icing solutions or carefully defrosting the wipers to bring them back in use. If the wipers are damaged beyond repair, they can install new ones. 

7.     Inflated Tires

Winter’s cold temperatures significantly decrease tire pressure, leading to under-inflated tires. This reduction in tire pressure diminishes traction and control, especially on slippery, icy roads.

Roadside assistance doesn’t just reflate the tires to the correct pressure; they go the extra mile. They check the tire tread depth and wear as well. This thorough service ensures your tires are properly inflated and in good condition to handle winter’s icy roads.

8.     Car Overheating

Although it’s unexpected, vehicles can overheat in winter due to the thickening of motor oil in colder temperatures. This viscosity change makes it difficult for the engine to circulate the oil effectively and causes your truck to overheat. But do not worry. You can call roadside assistance near me, even if your car breaks down mid-journey.

These professionals will assess the engine’s temperature, ensuring it’s within safe operational limits. They also check the coolant levels to guarantee they are sufficient and performing their cooling function.


Winter vehicle breakdowns are never convenient. A dead battery, a flat tire, or a stalled engine on a cold and stormy night is every driver’s worst nightmare. Don’t worry. You can look for roadside assistance near me online or call them. These experts can come to your location and get your truck or trailer running quickly!

Looking for professional roadside assistance? Please contact us at 1-773-598-5599. Throughout the season, our technicians and mechanics are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.