Audiobooks and eBooks: Why They Matter

The vast majority of books are read in print – around 80 percent. But as book publicity experts can tell you, it doesn't mean you...
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Book PR Campaigns Need These

Sales and competition are up in equal measures in today’s bookselling marketplace. It’s why self-published authors need various book marketing services to ensure their work succeeds. If you are one of them, read on for tips and make your promotional campaign successful. It begins with writing a great book, and if you have done so and have it edited and a cover professionally designed, be sure to follow through on the rest. Traditional media-focused PR still matters, but the internet needs content, and you’ll be doing more than authors of yesteryear. Ideally, you’ll find some of it enjoyable.

Book PR campaigns and their online components benefit more than ever from author-produced promotional content. For example, you can write articles for media on topics similar to your book. They provide bio sections at the end where you can tactfully mention your book. Today, it’s also essential to leverage your online platform for promotional purposes – website, social media, and, if you have them, your blog and podcasts. Classic marketing theory holds that you need to reach target audience members multiple times before they are triggered to make a purchase. Therefore, what you post online helps.

Working with professionals is crucial if your budget allows. A web designer to create a site and a cover designer for a cover are both essential. The role of each in future marketing programs is significant, and without them, you may have difficulty competing. Readers also have high expectations of your book, and it must be professionally edited. Trying to self-edit is risky because you’re so close to your work, even if you have excellent editing abilities. As the author, you can also take the lead in writing content for your website that a designer can turn into pages. Check out other authors for exciting ideas.

Connecting PR and marketing to sales platforms is crucial, meaning your book and author pages on bookselling websites. Those pages give you significant sales opportunities and ways to be discovered in searches by your target readers. If you still need to grasp search engine optimization (SEO), working with an expert who can help optimize your pages can be wise. It’s not an except science, but some techniques will vastly improve your visibility online. Your target readers need to be able to find out about your book to buy it. The most direct route to their purchases is with bookseller pages.  

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