An Idyllic Beach Retreat: Vacationing with Private Villas in Goa

The tranquil beauty of Goa is such that it keeps inviting travellers back for more. Whether you’re a frequent visitor to the Beach Capital...
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Book the Best Weekend Plans for a Stay in Goa

Goa is the most visited place by people mainly because of its culture and crazy atmosphere for young people. From November to February is the accurate time to visit Goa. The temperature is not too cold nor too hot. It has a private and wildly fun essence. For a comfortable trip with your friends, you can book some amazing villas in Goa. The astonishing atmosphere, openness, and people are too good to be true in Goa. From temples to mosques, sanctuaries and waterfalls, sun-soaked beaches and places dating back centuries, there is more to Goa than most people know. Large and fancy resorts, antique shops and markets on mall roads, because it is where the east meets west.

Interesting and adventurous things to do in Goa with your friends and groups:

1) Scuba diving, romantic dinners on the cruise, kite surfing, cliff jumping, etc.

2) Goa tour guides also offer a few summer activities. The cost of the tours could be a little expensive per person, but if you pre-book rental villas in goa it can help cut down some of your expenses beforehand.

3) Exploring and discovering hidden gems with your friends could be an adventurous thing to start with. Many places are centuries old, but look aesthetically pleasing till today and are a major tourist attraction.

4) You can find some nice beaches in South Goa with your friends. You can try shopping and visiting churches which is mandatory. Souvenirs, handlooms, authentic fabric clothes.

5) Resorts and hotels can be seen as overpriced expenses for some people which they are most of the time, but if you book villas in Goa with your friends in advance it’ll be a good choice.

Must picturesque beauties to capture in Goa with your friends:

Being a state with ages-old temples, mosques, and churches, can leave you in wonderment. Goa has a Portuguese influence over it, heritage walks in Old Goa can be mesmerizing. Spiritual walks and Goa food tours are a must. For a fancier day out, you can always go for cruise dinners at night with all the lights and sea in front of you. Waterfalls and Braganza House which was built in the 17th century is surely a place to explore.

Places to discover in Old Goa with your friends:

To explore all these beautiful places, you look for mid-price rental villas in Goa. The grand tombs and old churches like Basilica de Bom Jesus, are antique because of their architecture. Several tourists visit this church to learn its history. The Sé Cathedral is the biggest church in whole Asia. You can visit forts and Shri Mahadeva Temple, famous for its religious atmosphere.

Some scenic beaches to explore in South and North Goa:

To travel and see the beauty and craziness, you can visit the beaches in South Goa. You can play volleyball with your friends. Usually, people go to these beaches to party chill with their friends and experience fun nightlife. But for a peaceful morning stroll, you can visit the beaches in North Goa as well. You can look up online and search for some nice villas in Goa.