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Buy a Vivo Mobile Folder at the Best Price in India from a Wholesaler

Vivo mobile folders are created by Sun JT, a wholesaler of mobile folders, to build and sustain ties with consumers. We offer product information, respond to queries, offer customer assistance, and help with any problems or worries that could occur. Thanks to its very user-friendly design, installing phone folders on any smartphone model is a breeze. To increase recurring business and excellent word-of-mouth recommendations, it is essential to cultivate strong customer relationships. As a reputable wholesaler, we offer premium goods at competitive costs, making it simple for you to get the Vivo Mobile Folder without going over budget. Our organisation is a top wholesaler of Vivo mobile accessories, and we provide the most recent Vivo Mobile Folder at great prices for anyone looking to purchase the device in India.


The Vivo phone folder is the perfect accessory to safeguard your smartphone thanks to its streamlined appearance and robust construction. Your smartphone is safe, avoiding scuffs and unintentional harm.  We have what you need, whether you’re a merchant or a private person searching for a dependable and affordable accessory. 

Understanding touch technology in Vivo Mobile’s display screen 

Vivo Mobile’s folder display panels use LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) technology and a variety of touch technologies. 

Touch Technology:

Vivo Mobile incorporates capacitive touch technology in their display screens. This type of touch detection relies on the electrical properties of the human body. The screen consists of a conductor layer of indium tin oxide (ITO), on a glass panel. The electrical field of the screen produces a charge when a finger touches it, which the device detects. High sensitivity, multi-touch capabilities for pinch-to-zoom, and a responsive user interface are just a few advantages of the capacitive touchscreen.  

The liquid crystal layer is a crucial component of LCD technology. It is made up of electrically controllable molecules to reposition it & know how light travels through them. When an electric current is provided, the liquid crystals either twist or align to block or permit the light from the backlight to flow through. This process enables the creation of images on the screen. 

LCD Technology:


Vivo Mobile phones use LCD technology for their displays. LCDs, or liquid crystal flat panel displays, control light to produce images.

A typical LCD screen consists of a liquid crystal layer, top and bottom polarizers, a color filter, a backlight, and a protective glass layer. The liquid crystal layer in LCD displays contains molecules that can be controlled by electricity to change the path of light passing through them. By twisting or aligning the liquid crystals, the backlight can be blocked or allowed to flow through, depending on the electric current provided. To illuminate the LCD display, LED backlights are typically used in Vivo Mobile screens, which are both bright and cost-effective. The colour filter layer of the LCD screen produces the colours by combining red, green, and blue subpixels. By adjusting the electric current for each subpixel, different colours are useful to produce a full-colour display.

The Mobile Folder Importance

  • The display panel and touch display folder of a mobile device are crucial components that affect the device’s overall usability and functioning. 
  • The display panel renders all visual content on the screen. It sets the bar for the quality of the images, text, and video displayed on the device. 
  • Compared to paper, which is prone to tearing and wrinkles, LCDs with touch layers designed for frequent interaction are more resilient.
  • It is easy to search, modify, share and organise digital documents instantaneously on the device itself. It is an easy way to keep things organized.

Advantages Of Vivo Mobile’s Innovative Display Screen

Vivo Mobile Folder has utilized cutting-edge display technologies in their products, including OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology. It offers various advantages:  

  1. OLED displays offer high quality with high contrast ratios. The individual pixel lighting creates deep blacks and bright whites, resulting in a stunning and immersive viewing experience. Additionally, this technique produces rich, vibrant colors with exceptional color accuracy.
  2. Moreover, OLED screens are lighter and thinner compared to traditional LCD displays because there is no separate lighting layer. This design allows for flexible and curved displays shapes to the mobile phone.
  3. One of the advantages of OLED displays is their energy efficiency. Since each pixel emits its own light, they can effectively turn off and consume no power when displaying black or dark content. This helps the battery run more efficiently, particularly when displaying mostly dark content.
  4. OLED screens offer a wide viewing angle, meaning that colours are accurately displayed and images remain of high quality even when viewed from different angles. This is particularly helpful when sharing content or viewing the screen from an off-centre position. 
  5. With OLED technology, you can experience smoother action and less motion blur thanks to faster refresh rates. This feature is especially beneficial when playing games or watching videos with fast-paced content. It also allows for more fluid and clear visuals.
  6. OLED screens consist of always-on displays, to display time, date, and other important information without significantly reducing battery life. This makes it easy to quickly access important information at a glance & this will not affect the battery life of a mobile. 

Vivo Phone Display Folder Price in India

It is always good to have the mobile device fixed by a licenced technician. However, occasionally customers choose a local dealer because of the high cost of repair. The model of the phone, the degree of damage, and the location of the repair facility are some of the variables that can affect how much it will cost to replace the screen on a vivo folder price in India. Moreover, a Vivo mobile folder price for replacement typically costs between 2,500 and 15,000 rupees. The original display has many benefits and lengthens a mobile phone’s lifespan. 

About Sun JT

With Sun JT, there is no quality compromise and the replacement for the Combo is quick, easy, and durable. Although, all modern mobile phones utilise folder technology, which makes it simple to replace the complete display unit in the event of damage. As is common knowledge, a mobile’s display folder causes the greatest amount of repair expenses. The cost of replacing a screen display folder is always high. We produce Samsung mobile folders, Oppo mobile folders, vivo mobile folders, Realme mobile folders, and Oppo mobile folders, all of which are exclusively sold at a discounted price. In local marketplaces, it is common practice for mechanics to simply replace the glass and install a cheap replica on the customer’s phone in order to make money.