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Buy Oppo Phone Folders in Bulk From Sun JT


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What Is A Mobile Touch & LCD Display Folder?

A mobile touch & LCD display folder refers to the complete front panel assembly of a smartphone or tablet device that includes both the touchscreen and LCD display.


The key components of a mobile touch & LCD display folder are:

  • LCD Display Panel – This is the liquid crystal display that shows visual content on the screen. LCDs are thinner, lighter and use less power than older displays.
  • Touchscreen Sensor – A thin film made of transparent electrodes laid beneath the display panel. It allows touch input detection from the user’s fingers or stylus.
  • Controller Electronics – Integrated circuits that process and communicate touch inputs to the device processor.
  • Backlighting – LEDs or CCFLs provide illumination to the LCD panel from behind for visible images.
  • Frame – The outer plastic or metal bezel that holds the LCD, touch sensor and other components together securely.
  • Protective Glass Layer – Usually made of reinforced glass like Gorilla Glass to shield the display from damage.

Benefits of Buying Oppo Phone Folders in Bulk

Here are some key benefits of buying Oppo Folder in bulk:


  • Cost-effectiveness: Buying panels in bulk allows getting good trade discounts and reduces unit costs. This is more economical for repair shops or retailers.
  • Guaranteed fitment: Genuine Oppo panels ensure 100% compatibility with devices without any fitment issues. This avoids returns.
  • Standardized quality: Bulk panels go through strict QC checks by Oppo. Consistent quality maintains customer satisfaction levels.
  • Multiple models coverage: Larger orders allow including panels of different Oppo mobile folder. This addresses more repair requirements.
  • Future demand coverage: Excess stock handles unforeseen repair peaks without stockouts, while previous orders get covered too.
  • Dedicated support: Major distributors provide dedicated account managers to bulk buyers for order tracking, new launch updates etc.
  • Payment flexibility: Advance payment discounts or delayed payments over EMIs increase cash flow for buyers.
  • Inventory management: Large orders mean infrequent replenishment cycles. Less warehouse space and management overhead.
  • Spare provisioning: Spare buffers built within large orders help uninterrupted service even during temporary supply issues.

Advantages of the Touch Screen with LCD Display Folder from Oppo

The following are some of the main advantages and benefits of the Oppo mobile folder from Oppo:

  • High Pixel Density & Clarity: 

Oppo LCD panels offer images that are clean and sharp. Moreover, this produces images that are crisp and detailed.

  • Smooth Touch:

The Oppo phone folder incorporates touchscreens with rapid response times for seamless touch responsiveness. Touches and gestures are swiftly and flawlessly detected throughout the display.

  • Sturdiness: 

Compared to folding displays, LCD screens are more resilient to unintentional accidents and bumps because they are hard flat panels.

  • Adaptive Refresh Rates:

For fluid scrolling and gaming, several premium Oppo LCDs are compatible with adaptive refresh rates.

  • Energy-Efficient: 

Compared to OLED panels, LCD screens use less electricity, which extends battery life.

  • Reasonably Priced: 

Oppo mobile folder prices in India with LCDs are less expensive than comparable models with more recent flexible display types because LCD technology has reduced production costs.

  • Bright Colours: 

Oppo optimizes the display to reproduce colours naturally and brilliantly. As a result, colours appear saturated without being overly so.

  • Good Brightness Levels: 

Even in bright sunshine, Oppo mobile folders provide sufficient brightness levels indoors and outdoors. This facilitates the viewing of content as well.

  • Broad Viewing Angles: 

Even at larger viewing angles, LCD screens consistently produce high-quality images. From the side, there won’t be much distortion in the colours and brightness.


Sun JT: A trusted supplier of Oppo Phone Folders

Here are some key details about Sun JT and why it is a trusted supplier of Oppo phone folders:

About Sun JT:


  • Specializes in smartphone spare parts including screens, batteries, chargers etc.
  • Serves repair shops, retailers, wholesalers, and electronics brands.
  • Stocks folders for all major Oppo mobile folder as well as other Chinese brands.
  • Has certified repair centres for vendor authorization and quality control.

Trusted for Oppo Folders:


  • Sun JT smartphone folders are known for their outstanding quality, which combines practicality, style, and longevity. Sources direct from Oppo manufacturing plants ensuring 100% fitment.
  • Strict evaluation and testing are on the same lines as Oppo quality norms.
  • TS16949 and ISO9001 certified production standards were maintained.
  • 15-day return policy if a mismatch in compatibility or quality issues is found.
  • Fast 4-8 day delivery to international destinations.
  • Minimum order values are as low as 50 units per model.
  • E-commerce storefront on for single orders as well.
  • Trusted supplier to litanies in the industry for over 15+ years.


With Sun JT, discover the future of touch screens with Oppo’s mobile folder. Upgrade your smartphone experience and embrace the future of mobile technology.  We manufacture mobile folders at a reasonable price, supplying affordable Oppo mobile folder prices. 


So with factory-grade sourcing, certified quality processes, competitive pricing and fast logistics, Sun JT stands out as a highly credible resource for bulk Oppo mobile folders globally. It has earned a high reputation and loyalty over the years.

OPPO Folder Price

Take your time browsing the Sun JT area for Oppo repair parts. If you need help choosing the best Mobile folder wholesaler for mobile screens, we can help. The price to repair an Oppo phone folder in India or any other folder depends on several factors, such as where the repair is to be done, how much damage there is, and what kind of repair is needed. As a result, the typical price range for a screen repair is $10 to $100.  Every Oppo part we sell is 100% guaranteed to be brand-new.  The success of your business depends on locating trustworthy and excellent service. Considerations include price, usefulness, screen strength, and customer service. The folders are finely made and have strong fasteners.