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Buy Split AC on EMI: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Indian summers can be tough, and having a good brand split AC can be a saviour in such scorching heat. With window ACs becoming obsolete these days, split ACs have emerged as a popular choice among homeowners due to their efficiency, cooling performance, and energy-saving features. If you are considering purchasing a split AC of 1.5 tons on EMI, this buying guide will walk you through everything you need to know to make an informed purchasing decision.

Understanding Split ACs

Split AC units are a popular choice for those who want to quickly cool their indoor spaces without the need for extensive ductwork. These units consist of two main components: the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. The indoor unit is installed inside the room, usually high on the wall, and contains the evaporator coil, which cools the air. Meanwhile, the outdoor unit, which is placed outside the building, houses the compressor and the condenser coil, which release the heat from the indoor air outside. 

The indoor and outdoor units are connected by refrigerant pipes and electrical cables, which allow for efficient and effective cooling. Split ACs offer several advantages over traditional window ACs, including quiet operation and better temperature control, as they are designed to distribute cool air evenly throughout the room. Additionally, split ACs are more energy-efficient, as they do not require ductwork, which can lead to energy loss. 

Factors to Consider Before Buying

  1. Capacity: The capacity of a split AC is measured in tons, with 1.5-ton split ACs being the most common choice for residential use. However, the ideal capacity depends on factors such as room size, ceiling height, insulation, and sunlight exposure. It’s essential to choose a capacity that adequately cools your space without consuming excess energy.


  2. Energy Efficiency: Look for split AC models with high energy efficiency ratings, such as star ratings provided by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). Higher star ratings indicate better energy efficiency, which can help reduce your electricity bills in the long run. Opting for an energy-efficient model also minimises your carbon footprint.


  3. Features and Functions: Consider the additional features and functions offered by different split AC models, such as inverter technology, air purification filters, dehumidification, sleep mode, and smart connectivity options. These features enhance the comfort and convenience of using the AC while ensuring better air quality and energy savings.


  4. Brand Reputation and Warranty: Choose a reputable brand known for manufacturing reliable and durable split ACs. Research customer reviews, ratings, and brand reputation to ensure you’re investing in a quality product. Additionally, check the warranty period and after-sales service provided by the manufacturer to safeguard your investment.


  5. Budget and EMI Options: Determine your budget for purchasing a split AC of 1.5 tons on EMI and explore various EMI options available from lenders such as HDB Financial Services. Compare interest rates, processing fees, and repayment terms to find a financing option that suits your financial situation.

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Guide to Buying a Split AC on EMI

Now that you’ve identified your requirements and preferences, it’s time to explore the steps for purchasing a split AC on EMI. Here are the steps to buy a split AC on easy EMI:

Assess Your Cooling Needs:

Begin by evaluating your cooling requirements, including the type of AC (split, inverter, non-inverter), capacity suitable for your space, and preferred energy efficiency rating (star rating).

Research and Select the Ideal AC Model:

Dive into thorough research to explore various AC models that align with your requirements. Compare features, prices, and customer feedback to make a well-informed decision.

Choose the Right Financial Institution:

Selecting the appropriate financial institution for your EMI plan is essential. Compare EMI options, interest rates, tenure, and terms and conditions across different lenders to find the most suitable one.

Apply for EMI:

Once you’ve finalised the AC model and the financial institution, proceed to apply for the EMI. This typically involves filling out an online application form on the lender’s website or visiting their branch in person.

Submit Required Documents:

Prepare and submit the necessary documents for verification, including identity proof (such as an Aadhaar card or PAN card), address proof (like utility bills or rental agreements), and income proof (such as bank statements or salary slips).

Await Approval:

After submitting your application and documents, patiently await the financial institution’s review process. Approval times may vary, ranging from a few hours to several days, depending on the lender’s procedures. Some financial institutions like HDB Financial Services offer instant approvals so you can grab your cooling essential in no time.

Purchase Your Chosen AC:

Upon EMI approval, proceed to purchase the selected AC model. The agreed-upon amount will either be directly paid to the retailer or reimbursed, based on the lender’s protocol.

Start With EMI Repayments:

Begin repaying the EMI as per the agreed schedule. It’s a fixed amount due each month, allowing you to manage your finances efficiently while enjoying the benefits of your AC.


Investing in a split AC of 1.5 tons on EMI allows you to enjoy the comfort of a cool and pleasant indoor environment without burdening your finances upfront. By considering factors such as capacity, energy efficiency, features, brand reputation, and budget, you can choose the right split AC that meets your cooling requirements and fits your budget. Explore the various buying options, compare EMI schemes, and make an informed decision to stay cool and comfortable during the hot summer months.