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Can I Connect A Playstation Vita to TV? (Explained)

There are a number of people who love to play games and the entire gaming experience is even better when you play the game on a big screen. A lot of people have chosen PlaySation to play different games that they want to and there are a number of people who want to learn how they can connect their Playstation Vita to their TVs so that they can play games on a big screen and get to experience the action and adventure games that they are playing on a large scale. There are a number of methods that people can use when they want to play playstation vita on tv and in the article, we will tell you the simplest methods that will assist you in doing the same. 

So, without wasting any more time, let’s dive into the procedure that is going to assist you when you want to learn the same. 

Is it possible to connect PlayStation Vita to a TV using USB?

The most common method that people can use when they have to connect their PlayStation Vita to their TV is the use of a USB but, you need to understand that there are also many people who have had issues with the same. 

However, we will still be telling you the steps that you need to adhere to if you are interested in using your USB for the same. To use this method, you need to make sure that your TV and your laptop are close to each other as you are going to require a laptop. 

Start the process by connecting your PlayStation Vita to your computer or laptop whichever you prefer and once the devices have been connected, you need to connect your computer and TV using the USB Cable. After this, the Bluetooth connection between your devices will connect them and you can easily play games on your TV Using PlayStation Vita. 

Alternate Method to Connect PlayStation Vita to TV 

If you see that the above method is not helping you to use playstation vita on tv then, you do not need to worry as there are other methods too that you can use for the same. 

The process that we are mentioning here is a very simple method as you do not need to do a lot of things for this process. You need to buy an HDMI cable as the cable will assist you in connecting your PS Vita to your TV. Once you have bought an HDMI cable, you need to attach one part of the cable to the port present at the back of your console and the other part to any free port at the back of your TV. 

With this, you can very easily connect your PlayStation Vita and TV; however, if you see that your PS Vita does not have a port then, you will also need an adaptor to attach the HDMI cable to your gaming console for the process to be successful. We hope that you have comprehended all the directions that we have stated in the guide. 

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