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Can MS Access connect to SQL Server?

Are you looking for a solution to connect MS Access to SQL Server? Then your search ended here. In this tutorial, we will explain the correct procedure to transfer MS Access database to SQL Server using Access to SQL Server Migration.

Microsoft Access is a database management system. It is an amazing application for organizing databases systematically. It helps companies and business users manage data and information efficiently. MS Access contains two file extensions ACCDB and MDB in its database. While ACCDB is the latest version, MDB can only be accessed using Access 2003 and all previous versions.

On the other hand, SQL Server is a relational database management system and is also created by Microsoft. It contains your database in SQL format. Supports a variety of transaction processing, analytics, and business intelligence applications in the IT environment.

Why Should Users Want to Transfer MS Access to SQL Server?

  1. MS Access only offers a desktop version, while SQL Server offers a desktop version and a web-based version.

  2. MS Access can hold up to 2 GB of database, while SQL Server is specifically designed for larger databases.

  3. MS Access can only handle 20 to 30 users at a time, while SQL Server can handle thousands of users at a time.

How to Connect MS Access to SQL Server?

Since Microsoft does not provide a direct solution to transfer Access databases to SQL Server. Therefore, we suggest you go for SysTools Access Converter which is the perfect choice and allows you to convert to SQL format with a well-maintained structure.

  • Download the wizard to your computer and then run it.

  • Browse the Access database and insert it into the software interface.

  • Tap the PST file under multiple export options.

  • Finally, select the destination and press export to get the result instantly.

Other Prominent Features of Using Alternative Solutions

  • It also offers Access Recovery to restore deleted records from the database.

  • This wizard is very easy to handle by all types of technical and individual users.

  • You can also convert just the schema or the entire database as needed.

  • Using this wizard, you can also migrate a damaged Access database to SQL Server.

  • You do not need to download any additional applications to complete this process.

Time to Wind Up

In this post, we share the solution to connect MS Access to SQL Server. As there is no inbuilt function available to complete this process. Therefore, we recommend that you continue with a workaround like the one we have discussed in this post to complete the process with maintained accuracy and precision.