Choosing the Perfect Decking: A Guide for the Best Inground Fiberglass Pools in Lewisburg, Tennessee

Designing a pool area is not just about the pool itself. It is the decking around it that ensures your pool fits well with...
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Choosing the Perfect Decking: A Guide for the Best Inground Fiberglass Pools in Lewisburg, Tennessee

Designing a pool area is not just about the pool itself. It is the decking around it that ensures your pool fits well with the backyard landscape.

So, you are in the process of selecting the perfect decking to experience the best inground fiberglass pools in Lewisburg, Tennessee? The decision is crucial, as your pool’s decking is not just an area around the pool; it’s an extension of your living space, significantly impacting the overall aesthetics and functionality of your poolside and home.

Factors to Consider When Designing Your Pool Deck

To make the deck designing process easy and quick, here is a simple approach. Read on to get a clearer picture of each step of your deck installation process for great results.

1.      Surface Selection

The surface of your deck is not only about its appearance but also determines the perfect blend of comfort, durability, and slip resistance. It is best to choose a smooth yet slip-resistant surface that can withstand water, chemicals, and changing weather conditions. There should be no rough patches that may cause discomfort or accidents. Instead, it should have a sleek, non-porous appeal that repels damage and remains fresh. This will ensure that you can relax and not worry about anything when you spend time around your pool.

2.      Material

When it comes to your deck material, it’s a big deal. A good match between a custom-built deck and the best inground fiberglass pools in Lewisburg, Tennessee, can handle the weather, be easy to maintain, keep things safe, and, of course, look good.

·         Climate

Choose materials based on your climate. Avoid heat-absorbing materials like wood in hot, humid areas. Instead, go for cooler options like concrete or pavers. In cold areas, avoid materials that tend to crack in low temperatures, like concrete or tiles. Choose flexible materials like wood or composite.

·         Maintenance

If you’re looking for low-maintenance options, avoiding materials like wood or stone that require frequent sealing or painting is best. Instead, opt for easy-to-clean and durable materials like concrete or pavers. On the other hand, if quality is your top priority, premium options such as wood or stone can be a good choice.

·         Style

If you prefer a modern and streamlined look, it’s best to avoid rustic wood or stone and instead choose materials with a smooth and contemporary finish, such as concrete or tiles. On the other hand, if you want a traditional and inviting feel, opt for natural and warm materials like wood or stone.

3.      Pool Coping

Pool coping has both practical and aesthetic purposes as it acts as a bodyguard to your deck, preventing water from splashing where it shouldn’t while providing a smooth transition. You can choose from various styles like cantilevered, bullnose, and rolled edge, or you can even opt for something custom to add a unique touch to your pool area.

4.      Accessories

Accessories are the functional finishing touches for your pool deck. Consider adding lighting, comfortable furniture, plants, umbrellas, fire pits, and water features. These additions help you define specific areas for dining, lounging, playing, or simply relaxing. Whether you want to create a cozy corner with twinkling lights or a vibrant space with colorful furniture, accessories are the key to giving your deck a practical and stylish personality.

Selecting the Best Decking Material

Choosing deck material isn’t just about going with what you think is more attractive. There are important factors to consider. Let’s look into the pros and cons of each material type before picking one for your best inground fiberglass pool in Lewisburg Tennessee.

1.      Paver

Paver is a popular material for pool decking. It consists of interlocking bricks that create a uniform and attractive surface. The paver is versatile and can be customized with different shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns.


A budget-friendly choice that is durable and readily available. Pavers are easy to replace if damaged or faded.


On the downside, pavers can be expensive and labor-intensive to install. Paver installation requires a permanent border or frame during installation to prevent shifting.

2.      Wood

Decks constructed of wood look quite attractive next to an in-ground swimming pool or spa. It can create a rustic or elegant look, depending on the type and finish of the wood.


Wood provides a natural, warm, and eco-friendly aesthetic. It’s renewable and blends well with outdoor surroundings.


Wood is prone to rotting, warping, cracking, and fading despite its charm. Seasonal upkeep, including cleaning, sanding, and sealing, is necessary to maintain the best look.

3.      Concrete

Concrete is a common and affordable material and goes well with the best inground fiberglass pools in Lewisburg, Tennessee. It can be customized with different colors, textures, patterns, and finishes.


Maintains a comfortable temperature in warmer weather, easy to maintain, and provides a pleasant feel underfoot.


Without a textured finish or brushing, concrete can become slippery when wet. Adding aggregate (small pebbles or rocks) can enhance slip resistance for a safer surface.

4.      Stone

Stone is a natural and visually appealing choice for patios and decks. It provides texture for slip resistance and complements landscaping and architecture.


Stone provides a natural and elegant look with durability and resistance to cracking, fading, or staining.


It’s heavier and more expensive to install, specifically if you choose flagstone. Darker colors may become hotter than lighter ones.

5.      Tiles

Tiles bring vibrant and artistic vibes to your pool deck with various designs and sizes.


Tiles add color and decoration, are easy to clean, and offer the flexibility of replacement.


They can be slippery when wet and are prone to chipping, cracking, or fading. Opt for unglazed terracotta or porcelain for better traction.

6.      Retractable

Retractable decking is a modern and innovative material for pool decking. It consists of a movable platform that covers or uncovers the pool with a push of a button.


Retractable decking is a space-saving option with a longer lifespan. It’s a multifunctional option for diverse deck experiences.


However, the complexity of installation and the chances of motor malfunctioning come at a higher cost. It may also limit pool visibility and accessibility.

Make the Right Deck Choice

Selecting the ideal pool deck involves careful consideration in order to ensure a perfect balance between appearance, functionality, budget, and durability. By weighing the outlined factors, you can navigate this decision seamlessly. Or you can onboard a skilled contractor for precision in deck design, complementing the best inground fiberglass pool in Lewisburg, Tennessee. Make an informed choice, transforming your pool area’s appeal and creating a welcoming backyard.