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Commercial Cooking: How To Get Started In Commercial Cooking

Taking your love of cooking to the next stage and making it your profession may be as simple as enrolling in a commercial cooking program. Do you fear for your professional future because of this? In that case, you need not fear; get Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery for just such an occasion.


You have to watch so many cooking competitions before you begin to wonder how you would fare in a real professional kitchen. While the fast pace and high stress levels may leave you feeling drenched, the prospect of creating a signature dish and matching dining experience is sure to whet your appetite.


Serving thousands of customers requires more than simply knowing how to make the perfect scrambled eggs at home. If you want to cater professionally, though, you need to learn the inner workings of commercial cooking.


The definition of commercial cooking

While it may seem like a vast restaurant when you’re preparing a meal for your loved ones, that still doesn’t make it one. To prepare food for a large audience is to engage in commercial cookery. Deep fryers and commercial-sized grills are only two examples of grease-generating appliances commonly used in such settings. Knowing how to prepare meals is only part of what it takes to be a commercial cook; familiarity with food safety regulations is also essential.

What sort of training is necessary to work in a commercial kitchen?

While it is true that years of expertise are essential for serving Michelin-quality food, there is also a theoretical understanding component.

Learning the ins and outs of commercial cooking will prepare you to cook for huge crowds and provide a service.


What kinds of tools and appliances are common in commercial kitchens?

● When you begin managing bigger kitchens, hungrier customers, and speedier cooking times, you may forget your conventional pan-on-a-stove arrangement.

● Now, you’ll be using cooking ranges that can do everything from frying to heating up to grilling to baking. Commonly, you’ll need anything from four to eight burners to facilitate the large production of food for consumers.

● Kitchen-friendly restaurant ranges and industrial-strength heavy-duty ranges are both the most common kinds.

● Commercial kitchens typically have slightly modified home ovens. Many distinct kinds of ovens exist, each with its own specializations.

● Rack ovens are large and specifically designed to bake many products at once. When preparing meat, a deck oven is the way to go because of the rotisseries or racks it has.

● In the meantime, pizzas baked in a tunnel oven come out exceptionally well.

● You’ll learn to utilize a griddle, which is a flat plate typically used for cooking things like eggs, burgers, as well as pancakes, in place of a grill.

● Regular fixtures include fryers, often featuring a basket to lower items into hot oil.

● Other commonplace items in the kitchen, such as blenders, food processors, and juicers, also make an appearance. Most, however, are greater than usual because of the necessity of mass preparation.


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Is It Fun to Study Commercial Cooking?

Only those with a true interest may create a living studying this because it is fascinating. To excel in this domain, individuals must possess a profound capacity for creativity, enabling them to conceive novel culinary creations and devise distinctive methods of presentation that transcend the realm of mere gustatory pleasure, leaving an indelible impression on the diners. Individuals who possess qualities like inventiveness, curiosity, and enthusiasm toward the demanding task of preparing meals for many people may thrive in the food service sector.


Is there a global market for commercial cooking?

What’s the point of slaving away at your job, whatever it may be if you’re not going to enjoy your life while you’re doing it?


Commercial Cookery can not simply send you roaming across Australia preparing cuisine, but it additionally lets you experience traveling locally and internationally as it has a range in every corner of the planet.


Is it common for a professional cook to run their own kitchen?

The freedom you could have from learning commercial cooking is another compelling argument for pursuing a degree in the field. A career in cooking can lead to running one’s own kitchen and opening one’s own eatery. After acquiring certain life experiences, individuals are not obligated to adhere to directives from others indefinitely unquestioningly. Regardless of an individual’s culinary proficiency, they are presented with the choice of establishing a restaurant that exclusively specializes in a certain cuisine or one that offers a diverse selection of meals.


Does the Hospitality Industry Have a Bright Future?

Certainly! The hospitality business in Australia is a significant contributor to the national economy, anticipated to reach a value of $108 billion by the year 2023. This results in a significant workload for culinary professionals and service personnel, in conjunction with the annual surge of tourists attracted to the nation due to its scenic landscapes and rich biodiversity.


There exists a notable demand for proficient culinary professionals capable of managing the various aspects of kitchen operations, including personnel recruitment and training, menu development, and strict adherence to food safety and sanitation requirements.

If one is contemplating the viability of pursuing a career in commercial cookery, it can be confidently asserted that there is a substantial amount of promise and potential in this field.


The prospect of engaging in one’s culinary hobby serves as a significant attraction for numerous aspiring cooks. Individuals who possess a profound fascination with culinary arts and excel in dynamic, demanding work environments may find great satisfaction in pursuing a career as a chef.


Obtain Cookery Assignment Help if you’re serious about working in the food service business. Short-term programs like Certificate III and Certificate IV in Commercial Cooking will help you decide if this field is suited for you if you’re on the fence.