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Complete Your Smile With Dental Implants

What are dental implants?

When a person loses a tooth as a consequence of an accident or illness, they may face aftereffects include quick loss of bone, trouble speaking, or uncomfortable eating patterns. A dental implant can greatly enhance a patient’s quality of life and overall health in place of a missing tooth.

A dental implants in Wight County VA system is made up of the implant body, abutment, and perhaps an abutment fixation screw. The body of the dental implant is surgically placed in the mandible to replace the tooth’s root. The dental implant abutment extends through the gums into the mouth to support the implanted artificial teeth. It is typically fastened to the implant body by the abutment fixation screw.

Suggestions for the Patients

Speak with your dentist about the possible advantages and disadvantages of getting dental implants as well as your eligibility for the treatment before making your decision.


How long it takes to heal, whether you are a suitable candidate for dental implants, and how long the implant may stay in place are all influenced by your general health.
For your records, find out from your dentist in Smithfield VA what kind and type of dental implant system is being used.
Smoking may have an adverse effect on the healing process and reduce the implant’s long-term success.
You usually have a temporary abutment in place of the implant for the many months or more it takes for the implant body to heal.

Advantages and Dangers

For those who require them, dental implants can greatly enhance their quality of life and overall health. Complications could, however, occasionally arise. Problems may arise immediately following the implantation of dental implants or years later. Implant failure is caused by certain issues (generally described as implant looseness or loss). If an implant fails, a second surgical surgery may be required to replace or repair the implant system.

Dental implant systems’ advantages include:

  • Restores the capacity to chew
  • Restores aesthetic appeal and prevents the jawbone from receding as a

result of bone loss

  • Maintains the integrity of the surrounding gums and bone
  • Stabilizes neighboring teeth and enhances quality of life

Potential Hazards of Dental Implant Systems:

  • Damage done by implant implantation to the neighboring natural teeth
    Surgery-related damage to the surrounding tissues, such as sinus perforation
  • Damage sustained during surgery (such as a nearby mandibular fracture)
    Inadequate functionality, including the sensation that your teeth don’t bite together properly
  • A feeling that the abutment screw has loosened and the tooth is twisting or becoming loose.
  • Dental implants in Wight County VA body failure (looseness of the implant body) as a result of systemic infection; patients with uncontrolled diabetes may be more susceptible to this; local infection in the bone and gums supporting the implant body as a result of delayed healing; patients who smoke may also be more susceptible to this