A Big Reason for Brides to Go with Vintage Wedding Dresses

No woman would consider any other day in her life as big as her wedding day. The day is completely dedicated to her and...
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Did You Know You Can Mix And Match Wedding Dress Elements?

Your wedding day is a gift of love that shows your special bond with your partner. It should be as unique as your love story. But why should you miss out on the spectacular wedding dress? Unique wedding dresses Cheltenham are indeed hard to find, and searching for one is a nerve-wracking experience for many. But what if we told you that you could find your own style by creatively expressing yourself and mixing design elements in a wedding dress?

Let your personality shine

Gone are the days when you had few options in wedding dress shops Cheltenham, and you had to either pick something classical, or something modern. Nowadays, you can choose what you like and what matches your unique taste and personality. A wedding dress is more than just fabric and lace, it is a blank canvas for you to decorate with things that are important to you.

How to find your style in a world of ideas?

There are a huge number of wedding dress choices, with naturally a lot of designs. That’s where you can take the help of selected dress collections from a designer. Dress collections are a great place to find ideas and start making your own gown. A designer can help you know how different parts of a dress can be customized according to your taste and preferences. Additionally, you can get inspiration from real stories of people who used this creative process of customization. Some of the combinations were out of the ordinary and wowed the guests, while others were unexpected and stole the show.

Adding Classical Elegance

If you want to look elegant at your wedding, you might want to add vintage details to your modern dress. Imagine how beautiful old lace or a classic shape would look when they were mixed with modern design. This will create a dress that works in any era, combining the charm of the past with the romance of today.

Getting your dream dress is an adventure, so enjoy every step of the way.

About Ellie Lowe:

Ellie Lowe is a talented dressmaker from Stroud. With more than 25 years of experience in dressmaking, she is a designer who handcrafts beautiful wedding dresses with unique elements. Her studio provides a comfortable and collaborative atmosphere for brides to enjoy the process at bridal shops Cheltenham, and experiment with styles.

Check out Ellie Lowe’s work by visiting https://www.ellielowe.co.uk/

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