Different Types Of Embroidery Work Found In Indian Dresses

It is widely known that India's culture and traditions are enormously rich. The region is ancient, heavenly, and rich in diversity. People of all...
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Different Types Of Embroidery Work Found In Indian Dresses

It is widely known that India’s culture and traditions are enormously rich. The region is ancient, heavenly, and rich in diversity. People of all religions and civilizations coexist peacefully and harmoniously here. Aside from cultural and religious plurality, there is also diversity in the clothing worn by the inhabitants of this country. Each state is recognised for different styles of clothing, which have established the states’ identity in some ways. People in India wear carefully crafted ethnic clothes, including Indian designer dresses that symbolize the culture and traditions of many states. In this article, we will look at several sorts of or some notable embroidery works which are popular in India and may be seen on many Indian clothes.

The specialty of embroidery work varies per state. Different states are known for various forms of needlework art. For example, gota-patti needlework is popular in Rajasthan, Kantha embroidery is popular in West Bengal, Chikankari embroidery is popular in the state of Uttar Pradesh, resham or kashida embroidery is popular in Kashmir, and so on. Nowadays, you can also get several sorts of Indian costumes online, which include an embroidery saree, anarkali dress, lehenga, Indo western clothing, and salwar kameez. Like A Diva serves as an online retailer in the UK that is well-known for safely delivering stunning Indian clothes to your doorstep!

Let us proceed to take a glimpse at some of the most prominent embroidery designs seen in various Indian ethnic wear.

Gota-patti work

Gota-patti embroidered work represents one of the most well-known designs from the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is often referred to as metal embroidery work. This work includes multiple Indian sarees and lehengas. It is a long, narrow strip of gold or silver which is woven on various fabrics which include chiffons, georgettes, and kota doria. The artists of Jaipur, Kota, Bikaner, and Ajmer are well-known for their genuine gota work, which consists of weaved long and narrow strips of gold and silver ribbon. Gota-patti work includes a variety of traditional party dress and bridal outfits.

Zardozi work

Zardozi embroidery is additionally referred to as zari embroidery or tinsel embroidery. Essentially, this embroidery work can be used for creating motifs, patterns and designing the borders of clothing using silver and gold threads. The embroidery is carried out on heavy materials such as net, velvet, and georgette. The pattern or motifs are initially created on the tracing sheet. The tracing sheet is subsequently set on the wooden frame, commonly known as the “adda.” Following that, a wooden stick known as Aari is employed to finish the embroidered job. Zardozi stitching, also known as zurcan work, is so renowned that renowned Indian fashion designers use it to produce wonderful and alluring clothing. You will find many Indian wedding dresses in zardozi embroidery.

Resham work

Resham embroidery is one of the most well-known embroidered designs, and it can be found on a variety of Indian sarees, lehengas, and suits. Colorful cotton or nylon thread and yarn are employed in this sort of embroidery work, which is then sewed with the use of a needle to produce stunning designs, patterns, and motifs such as leaves, flowers, paisley, and so on. The embroidered work is quite popular for expressing India’s rich culture and customs. It comes in a variety of forms. Some examples include Kashmiri resham embroidered work, Kathiawar resham embroidered work, Kantha stitch, Chinkari embroidered work, Phulkari work, and so on. Kashmiri or kashida work is executed on fabrics that include wool, cotton, or silk, with the base color being white, off-white, or cream. Kashida embroidery work can be seen on a variety of shawls, carpets, and kurtas with motifs such as fruits, birds, and flowers.

Chikankari work

Chikankari embroidery art is a prominent style of resham embroidered work in India. Chikankari embroidery originated in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. This work contains a variety of ethnic clothing. The design is understated, detailed, elegant, and enticing. Essentially, the pattern is created with lightweight fabrics which include linen, cotton, chiffon, and so on. These materials are mainly worn in the summer. The Lucknowi chikankari kurta, dupatta, salwar suit, and other garments are popular not only in India, but all over the world.

Summing up
These are some of the famous embroidery works found in Indian outfits ranging from Indian party wear dresses to Indian wedding dresses. These embroidery works enhance the elegance of the outfit and narrate the story of Indian culture and heritage.