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I had no idea. has built a romantic world with her label. She makes things herself and in New York, working from her home....
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Dior Sneakers it comes to her look for the upcoming

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It’s getting hot in here! No really, it is. Keep in mind earth’s rising temperatures and it becomes quickly clear that we’re might want to wear a whole lot less this spring and summer. There is an anecdote early on in Gods and Kings, veteran fashion journalist Dana Thomas’s rigorous dual biography of John and Lee , that makes me laugh. Thomas interviews a fashion writer, Lisa Young, who recalls sitting next to a young at a London dinner in the eighties. “I like a look that encompasses elegance with an edge,” says Pike. “I fell in love with the proportions of the suit, and the way the jacket kicks out. Nine Perfect Strangers has gone all White Lotus. For the forthcoming second installment of David E. Consider it an endearing exercise that summed up who Victoria is as a person now, but also what has shaped her. Even less surprising, when Dior Sneakers it comes to her look for the upcoming 2024 , says: “I’m gonna wear something! Beauty, Skin, Savage. Let’s start with the dress: The star wore a corseted frock in a honey calf-hair, and the silhouette featured a sweetheart neckline and below-the-knee hemline. There are, of course, rodeo purists who appreciate their everyday uniform being replicated on catwalks and TikTok, should someone tell content creators that wearing damp socks is the fastest way to soften stiff cowboy boot leather? though are otherwise unfazed. A riff on a look from spring 2024 collection, the wool boucle suit had paillettes woven into the fabric for a hint of sparkle. Audrey Hepburn brandished a trio of studded bands; Jackie Kennedy rocked an emerald. “But what it would always come back to,” says Marshall, “is that we wanted to be able to mix everything up and wear it the way we wanted to wear it. In 2021, she hit the red carpet in a strapless gown by , complete with a back slit and leather opera gloves-a look that was equal parts timeless and super modern. And then came his instant classic show last week, in which, among other countless moments of glory, -and hips, and even pubic hair they were merkins, but still-were on full display. “I didn’t have the know-how to do this before I started working with them,” says, “and I learned so much. “In present-day , there are probably more foreigners walking around than there are Japanese people. They used to be watchers of fashion, but now they are players; it’s a new movement in the neighborhood. Of course, Pike had to bring her own statement look to the front row. “An audience at a fashion show is a funny crowd,” says Pike.