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Do Book PR Media Kits Still Matter?

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More writers than ever are self-publishing their work and becoming authors. Working with a publicist is always an asset for those focused on success. Or, if your budget doesn’t allow for one, try some PR tactics “DIY.” Regardless of how you do it, most people begin with questions about what is required to pitch the media and groups offering worthwhile speaking platforms. Seasoned PR people will always advise that a media kit, electronic and possibly also in a printed version, is the underpinning for many successful pitches. It contains the essential information about you and your book in a convenient form.

You’ll also want an author’s website as a companion to your media kit. It can provide information for anyone who searches online. You can make your media materials, along with your headshot and a page about your book, available. Author’s websites are also excellent places to showcase your media and online coverage. You can have a press page with links to articles and videos people can watch. Your site will also help book sales because many people will check it when considering purchasing a copy of the download. Producers and editors also routinely check author’s sites when considering coverage.

One of the other things to consider about any PR and marketing materials you produce to promote your book is their value for re-purposing. One likely spot is your social media. Including some items in posts as appropriate can be helpful. One of the other things to remember is how to plan your social media activity to align with the media coverage sparked in part by your press kit. The trick is to reach target readers with multiple messages about your book during its launch period. Given the number of books launched each month, commanding your share of the attention is crucial to finding success.

Pitches for in-person and virtual events are another use for your media kit. It’s an excellent piece to use in emails and snail emails as an introductory element. As you’re contemplating developing your kit, keep in mind the various uses and audiences. You’ll be surprised by how many places it comes in handy over the long run. A well-crafted press release is the most important element; you’ll want to give it your attention. Many people will refer to it for the primary information and facts about your book. If you can work with a publicist, they can guide you through writing it for maximum impact.  

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