Top WhatsApp Business Tools to Transform Your Customer Engagement in 2024

Without a question, one of the most popular communication channels in the modern day is WhatsApp Business. Our list of the top WhatsApp Business...
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Drive Sales Soaring: The Power of WhatsApp Commerce in Revenue Generation

Boost your Sales 3X with WhatsApp Commerce 

WhatsApp Campaigns  

Increase WhatsApp Campaign ROI with AI Assistant 

Craft personalized WhatsApp marketing campaigns to acquire new customers and drive up to 3X ROI. 

  • Use our Advanced WhatsApp Campaign Tools to create unique messages that resonate with your audience, leading to higher engagement and conversions. 
  • Give our assistant, driven by AI, a chance to recommend the finest WhatsApp advertising campaigns and groupings to send to in order to maximise profits. 
  • Send a single or periodically repetitive advertising campaign on WhatsApp. 

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WhatsApp Store  

Use Native Payments & WhatsApp Catalogues to Boost Sales 

Selling on WhatsApp made easy. Open your virtual WhatsApp eCommerce store and showcase your products like never before. 

  • Engage customers with stunning catalogs, easy browsing, and seamless buying experiences.  
  • Allow customers to browse, inquire, and purchase directly through WhatsApp, simplifying their shopping journey. 
  • Use Excel sheets, Shopify, WooCommerce and other such platforms to integrate your catalog with WhatsApp. 

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Customer Segmentation 

Targeted Messaging Made Easy with Customer Segmentation 

Deliver tailor-made messages to specific customer groups with intelligent whatsapp marketing tools. 

  • Increase revenue growth by targeting the right audience with personalised offers, promotions, and product recommendations. 
  • Group your target audience by analysing behavioral patterns in customer interaction, such as purchase history, new sign-ups, abondoned cart alerts etc, and automate your response. 

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WhatsApp Customer Support 

Improve Customer Service on WhatsApp 

Redefine customer service with WhatsApp and provide real-time order updates, address queries promptly, and gather valuable feedback, all on the go. 

  • Our platform enables you to manage customer interactions efficiently, leading to higher customer satisfaction and retention. 
  • Our software for WhatsApp marketing offers rule-based routing and automatic multi-agent routing on WhatsApp to improve customer service. 
  • Analytics on agent performance and shared team inbox. 

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WhatsApp Chatbot 

Automate Customer Service on WhatsApp Using Workflows & GPT Chatbots 

Empower your customer support with intelligent automation. Respond to inquiries instantly and efficiently. Manage order tracking with our advanced WhatsApp chatbot. 

  • Our chatbot is designed to provide quick, accurate, and personalised responses, enhancing the overall customer experience. 
  • Create custom processes with WhatsApp automation to handle things such as scheduling appointments, gathering feedback, and qualifying leads. 
  • For unresolved questions, auto-chat on WhatsApp is routed to a query-specific agent. 

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Click to WhatsApp Ads 

Get New Clients in Minutes with AI-Powered WhatsApp Chat Advertisements 

Create a direct path to your brand with ‘click to WhatsApp Ads’. Drive engagement and conversions by seamlessly connecting with your audience on the popular platform with WhatsApp marketing automation. 

  • Run Click to WhatsApp Ads (CTWA). 
  • Sophisticated WhatsApp analytics to monitor ROAS and CTWA conversions 

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Automated FAQ and Chat Support 

Automate Answers to Frequently Asked Questions 

Streamline customer interactions with automated responses. From COD confirmations to abandoned cart alerts, automate key processes for a seamless customer experience. 

  • Integrate WebMaxy WhatsApp Commerce with various logistic partners, such as Shopify, and automate response to inquiries like “Where is my order?” with extreme precision.  
  • Simplify the procedures for consumer refunds, order revisions, cancellations, returns, and complaints with the best WhatsApp marketing software. 

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Further arguments in favor of WebMaxy 

Obtain a certified WhatsApp Business API account with Green Tick in addition to 

Competitive Pricing 

We offer unbeatable value with our competitive pricing, tailored to your budget and needs. 

Quick setup & onboarding 

In just a few easy steps, minimise operational disturbance and implement a robust WhatsApp solution for your company! 

Smooth Integrations 

OOTB connectors with the marketing automation platforms, e-stores, payment gateways, and CRMs that you love 

Expandable Framework 

Thousands of brands have teamed up with us to increase customer service and engagement! 

1-1 Customer Support 

Experience personalised care with our one-on-one customer support, dedicated to your success. 

Expert Guidance 

Get in touch with our Prime Customer Service to receive a resolution in a matter of minutes! 


Global Integrations 

WebMaxy WhatsApp Commerce is an advanced customer engagement platform designed for both growing SME brands as well as large enterprises, that easily integrates with popular e-commerce platforms. 

  1. Shopify 
  1. WooCommerce 
  1. Magento 
  1. BigCommerce 
  1. Wix  


Powerful Custom Features To Create Scalable eCommerce Brands 

Select a plan that aligns with your strategy and required features. To help you avoid compromising on our product capabilities and your intended budget, we offer custom pricing plans on select features. 


Growth $20/Month  
(Billed Yearly) 

Advanced $39.17/Month 
(Billed Yearly) 

  • Unlimited team members 
  • Unlimited team members 
  • Free WhatsApp Api Approval and setup  
  • Free WhatsApp Api Approval and setup  
  • Chat Automation  
  • Chat Automation  
  • Workflow Automation 
  • Workflow Automation 
  • Bulk WhatsApp Campaigns 
  • Bulk WhatsApp Campaigns 
  • Audience Builder  
  • Audience Builder  
  • WhatsApp Inbox  
  • WhatsApp Inbox  
  • 24 Hours support SLA  
  • 24 Hours support SLA  
  • No Markup charges  
  • No Markup charges  
  • Rate limit 300 APIs Call/min  
  • Rate limit 300 APIs Call/min  
  • Dedicated success manager  
  • Dedicated success manager  
  • Agent Dashboard  
  • Agent Dashboard  
  • Customer segmentation 
  • Customer segmentation 



How to use WhatsApp for Marketing? 

WhatsApp is a great communication channel for marketing. You can do marketing on WhatsApp by sending messages to your target customers. With WebMaxy eGrowth, you can create message templates and run WhatsApp Campaign. You can create different segments of customers based on their activity, recent purchase, or buying journey stage. Then, you can create personalized messages to target those customers effectively. 

How to start with WebMaxy WhatsApp Commerce? 

For starting with WebMaxy Whatsapp commerce, you need to create an account on WebMaxy eGrowth. Then, you need to connect your Whatsapp business account with WebMaxy. Once you have integrated your Whatsapp account with WebMaxy, you can start creating automated workflows. You can set up workflows for order confirmation, abandoned cart customers, repeat customers, etc. 

Why WhatsApp Marketing is important for business? 

WhatsApp campaign tools allows businesses to stay connected with customers. More than half of Whatsapp users check and use the app every day. With Whatsapp marketing, businesses can reach out to customers, give personalized offers, and improve customer service. It also provides a new touchpoint to the customers where they can connect with businesses for any queries or questions. 

How effective is WhatsApp Marketing? 

WhatsApp advertising campaign is effective as it has a 98% message open rate and a 45-60% Click-through-Rate. This is much better than Email, which is the most used marketing channel. As per statistics, the average response time of WhatsApp is 90 seconds. From this information, you can understand that WhatsApp is one of the most effective marketing channels. 

What is WhatsApp Marketing Campaign? 

WhatsApp marketing campaign refers to the one-time messages or workflows that you set on WhatsApp to send customers. WhatsApp marketing campaign can help to acquire new customers, engage with existing customers, and build customer relationships. WhatsApp commerce can help you to create different types of WhatsApp marketing campaigns and engage customers effectively. 

How to create Campaign in WhatsApp? 

You can create a campaign in WhatsApp by using software for WhatsApp marketing like WhatsApp commerce. You can create effective messages and promote your brand through WhatsApp. It can help you increase brand awareness, build strong customer relationships, and drive sales. 

How do WhatsApp marketing campaign works? 

WhatsApp marketing tools can help you promote your brand to a vast audience through the platform where they are most active. It involves sending a well-crafted message to the target audience or people who have shown interest in your products or services. Through WhatsApp marketing campaign you can engage with your customers effectively.