John Deere 5105 Price in India

The John Deere 5105 is a 40-horsepower tractor with 34 horsepower PTO, 2100 rpm, 2900 CC displacement, 8 forward and 4 reverse gearboxes, and...
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Eicher 333 DI Price, Specifications and Offers

The Eicher 333 Super DI tractor, a flagship model from the esteemed Eicher brand in India, emerges as a formidable 36-horsepower powerhouse crafted to excel in Indian fields. Starting affordably from Rs. 5.40 lakhs*, it delivers an outstanding driving experience, powered by a robust 2365 CC engine and 3 cylinders, ensuring exceptional power and durability. Setting itself apart with a Single/Dual Clutch option, the Eicher 333 Super DI demonstrates versatility for a variety of agricultural tasks, catering to the needs of small and marginal farmers, thereby enhancing farm productivity and profitability.

Key features of this tractor include a potent engine with an oil bath air filter, a robust cooling system, and the choice of Dry Disc Brakes or Optional Oil Immersed Brakes for effective braking. With Manual Steering for easy control, a live-type PTO boasting 28.1 PTO horsepower, and a 45-liter fuel tank complemented by a lifting capacity of 1600 kg, the Eicher 333 Super DI stands out. Its modern design, coupled with advanced features like Draft Position and Response Control Links for easy attachment implementation, positions it as an excellent choice for the new generation of farmers.