Buy Elegant Long Door Handle to add Stylish Looks to Your Doors

Doors are the essential component of the home that serves as a point of access between rooms. The majority of homes will have numerous...
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Elevate Your Home Aesthetics with Luxury Door Handles in India

Home is not just a word for all be it humans or even animals. It is a feel of warmth and safety. People believe in going to any lengths to get nothing but the best when it comes to designing their dream house. It is important to create a space that truly feels like home to an individual. Getting the keys to our dream house are in hand is not enough. We need meticulous planning to ensure every detail aligns with our vision right from the walls’ paint to the luxurious main door handle. With a substantial budget at our disposal, we strive to perfect every aspect to make our dream home a reality.

Unleashing Opulence

The yearning for a luxurious ambiance in our homes resonates with many. From wall colors to opulent door handles in India, each element plays a pivotal role in crafting an upscale living space. Some individuals even enlist the expertise of professionals to bring their dream home to fruition. This is because these experts offer suggestions that enhance the overall aesthetic appeal. However, the ultimate decision rests with the homeowner.

Navigating Door Handle Diversity

Addressing common queries about door handles is essential to ensure a well-informed decision-making process.

Uniformity in Door Handles

Is it mandatory to maintain uniformity in door handles throughout the house? The answer is subjective. While it’s not compulsory to have the same long door handles at every entrance, modern homes often embrace diversity. Each room, designed to reflect the occupant’s taste, can feature unique décor, necessitating distinct styles of door handles to complement the room’s ambiance.

Mixing Door Handles and Knobs

Is it acceptable to mix door handles and knobs? Modern décor encourages experimentation with styles. Combining door handles and knobs can add a touch of uniqueness, but careful consideration of their proximity and overall interior design is crucial. Subtle mix-matching is key to avoiding a chaotic appearance.

Basis of Color Selection

What should be the basis for selecting door handle colors? The primary consideration should be the door’s type and color. A main door handle serves as an artistic touch on the canvas of a door, requiring harmony with both the door type and its color. Luxury door handles in India come in various styles and colors, offering a wide range of choices. Opt for a design that aligns seamlessly with your door, creating a harmonious look.

Incorporating Door Locks

Should door locks be integrated into handles? The decision depends on the desired look and functionality of the door. Many handles in the market come with built-in lock mechanisms, offering not only compact functionality but also contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal of the décor.

Choosing the Right Material for Door Handles

Beyond aesthetics and color, the material of the door handle is a crucial consideration. Explore options such as stainless steel, brass, or premium alloys that not only complement the overall design but also ensure durability and longevity.

Ensuring Longevity

While style and aesthetics are essential, the longevity of door handles should never be overlooked. Investigate the durability of materials and finishes to ensure your chosen handles withstand the test of time. This will combine elegance with resilience to your decor.


Choosing doors, handles, knobs, and hinges may seem trivial. But they are pivotal decisions in home design. Durability beyond aesthetics is a crucial factor that should not be overlooked. Dorset presents a premium collection of door handles, including pull handles, H-type handles, lever handles, long door handles, etc., forming part of the luxury living, abitare collection, signature series, gleam, Swarovski, premium collection, and stainless steel collection. These exquisite offerings ensure a perfect blend of sophistication and endurance, providing the desired luxury look and feel for your home.