Embark on an International Journey and IELTS Test Preparation

It's often difficult to get a proper IELTS Test Preparation when competition is too high. Students who plan abroad rarely have an idea about...
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Embark on an International Journey and IELTS Test Preparation

It’s often difficult to get a proper IELTS Test Preparation when competition is too high. Students who plan abroad rarely have an idea about what skills can make their chances of being selected.

But most importantly, students don’t have a clue on the importance of IELTS, except for the fact that it’s in demand.

So, why is the IELTS test so well-liked? Here are the top five explanations as recommended by overseas education consultants

  1. A global impact

IELTS has a global footprint that includes 140 nations. You can never be too far from an IELTS test centre, whether you’re in Geneva, Jakarta or even Ankara.  It’s simple to sign up for an IELTS test external symbol. Finding the closest site and selecting a suitable date are all you need to do to schedule your exam.

  1. Accepted anywhere

Over 11,500 institutions worldwide acknowledge IELTS as a reliable measure of English language proficiency. IELTS continues to be the industry standard for English language assessment, used by top universities, training facilities, government agencies, companies, and professional and industrial organisations.

  1. Transparency

IELTS tests are created using a strict procedure that starts with in-depth test design and development and ends with validation. Our staff is made up of test writers from various English-speaking nations who provide content that is comprehensible to people from all backgrounds. A group of certified examiners who have been trained to grade the tests according to precise criteria then evaluate the exams.

  1. More than a language assessment

IELTS is more than just a quiz. It’s a journey towards empowerment. The demanding testing process encourages test takers to investigate IDP IELTS training materials created to help them get better outcomes. Free practice exams, online courses, articles, and videos are all available as part of IDPs IELTS preparation materials. As an IDP IELTS test taker, you have the option of enrolling in an IELTS Masterclass or attending one of the webinars, giving yourself the ability to ask any questions you may have and get insightful knowledge on test-taking strategies.

Before beginning the test, you can also schedule the Progress Check mock test that replicates the test experience. During this test, you will realise your full potential and be ready to take on bigger challenges later on in life.

  1. Simple approach to boost your PR application

IELTS might be a quick way to boost your application’s strength for several permanent residency (PR) possibilities. For instance, if want to receive 20 points for work experience for Subclass190 (Skilled Nominated category), as an applicant, you must have at least 8 years of skilled employment based in Australia. You would need a Doctorate (PHD) from an accredited university to receive the same number of points for education. If you receive a Band 8 on all four IELTS test components (Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking), you can add 20 points for English language proficiency for the same PR category.

Now, if you are taking IELTS courses or studying on your own, the following study schedule can aid in your IELTS preparation.

The Best Hacks for Effective Self-Preparation for IELTS

Making a well-thought-out study plan is the best method to get ready for the IELTS. You can use it to detect deficiencies, monitor progress, and clarify goals.

  • STEP 1

First-time test takers should seek out expert assistance. When you receive advice from someone who is knowledgeable with the test, it will be simpler for them to pinpoint your weak areas. You should still speak with a counsellor whether or not you have taken the IELTS exam.

  • STEP 2

Get clarity on the following:

  • What is the IELTS test for?
  • How does the IELTS test work? What is it?
  • What is the evaluation procedure?
  • IELTS success advice
  • How are IELTS test results determined?
  • STEP 3

The next thing you should do is plan a practical study schedule. Avoid establishing unattainable goals because it is hard to study for 20 hours every day. By doing a complete assessment of your proficiency, determine your level of IELTS competition.

  • STEP 4

For the IELTS, consistent practise is crucial. Engage in a few everyday activities that are relevant to English, such reading books or blogs, listening to music, and joining an English-speaking club on social media, like Clubhouse, Instagram, Facebook groups, etc.

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How to Make the Best Use of IELTS Test Preparation?

  • For Offline Classes –

Offline learning takes place in the classroom, where students may communicate with their instructors directly. As a result, you have  a high scope of focus and interest. On the spot, the professors can effectively address your questions concerning the subject. Attending class can help you form deep bonds with your teachers and fellow classmates, which makes it easier for you to engage with others in public.

Group projects with other students are always encouraged in online programmes. This can help you develop new abilities.

  • Which Type of Study Should You Pick – Online or Offline?

Even though online learning is adaptable, both students and teachers have various difficulties when using these online resources. Some teachers and students are unable to use computers, smartphones, or tablets due to financial issues. Where modern technology is available, students and teachers are simultaneously creating a strong online relationship.

The advantages of online and traditional education are nearly comparable in real life. Worldwide recognition exists for both online and traditional education degrees.

Facing the consequences of the COVID-19 epidemic that has paralyzed the entire world, choosing online would be a good choice.

In fact, studying online and afterwards enrolling in institutions can be advantageous for those who have applied for a study abroad programme.

  • The Scope of Buying Now and Learning Later

Numerous foreign studies abroad are being recast as virtual study abroad programs in the aftermath of the epidemic. The reality is that a virtual study abroad programme cannot completely replace an on-campus trip, but it does provide students with a useful way to learn now and travel later.

The unique experiential education programmes have made it possible for everyone to study abroad. This has helped important pupils.

So, in order to save money for the master’s or post-graduate programme they want to attend on campus, they are enrolling in an online programme for autumn intake. So, can you!  There are countless options.

Many aspects of studying abroad on-campus have been accurately replicated in virtual study abroad programmes. For example – making friends from all over the world, interacting with individuals who have various abilities, discovering a new culture, and many more.

Virtual study abroad helps students enjoy an educational experience with a global base by connecting them with foreign prospects.

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When you take IELTS Preparation for abroad, keep a checklist of the following –

  • Take advantage of every opportunity to practise, whether listening, reading, writing, or speaking.
  • Pay attention to the question being asked, and think a minute before answering.
  • Before you attempt the question, develop a strategy for finishing it on time.
  • Take standardised IELTS tests to practise your skills.
  • Ensure that what you write, say or speak is clear.
  • Maintain a decent speed and good handwriting.
  • Express yourself clearly with precise vocabulary and include only a few heavy words.
  • Make sure your sentences are connected with connectives, and avoid sentence fragments.
  • Provide examples and thoughts that are mature.

Good Luck!

Author Bio – Ellen Clarke is a well-known online career counsellor. In addition, she is a published author who resides in Liverpool. She is also associated with AbroAdvice.com where she offers IELTS Test Preparation guide to students.