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Sugar, a highly skilled private investigator, is frequently approached by influential individuals to locate their missing loved ones. Recently, he successfully located a young...
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Enjoy The HD View Of Latest Title The Last Stop in Yuma County 2024

An unidentified knife vendor arrives at a rest stop in rural Arizona where the owner, Vernon, informs him that there is no gas available at the moment. The vendor is directed to a nearby diner to wait while a fuel truck is expected to arrive shortly. However, the opening credits of the ’70s-themed thriller The Last Stop in Yuma County reveal that the fuel truck has crashed, setting the stage for suspense that will last for the entire ninety-minute duration of the film.

Charlotte, the diner owner, engages in a friendly conversation with the salesman until two other men, Beau and Travis, enter the diner seeking gas. The salesman notices that their car matches the description of a vehicle used in a recent bank robbery. Shortly after, an elderly couple and a young man named Miles, who sees himself and his girlfriend as characters from Badlands, also arrive at the diner.