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Experienced Child Support Attorney Orange County

Most divorce cases involving children require one of the parents to support their children. Normally, the higher-earning parent will need to support their children, who can also be the parent who spends less time with the children. Child support is mostly paid to the other spouse to maintain the lifestyle of the child that was before the divorce, though it can also be paid directly to the child once they attain majority.


The exact amount of child support is determined by a formula that considers the gross income of each parent, parenting time, cost of healthcare & childcare, and union dues paid by each parent. Based on these factors, the amount generated on the calculator is generally the amount for child support ordered by the court. However, other factors may be involved that may cause an increase or decrease in child support.


If you’re going through a child support case or expect the issue to be raised during your divorce, talk to our child support attorneys Orange County to know how much child support you’ll need to pay and for how long.


How is Child Support Determined in Orange County?

When you go through a divorce, your attorney will inquire if you have children. Child support can be ordered within the scope of divorce or beyond it, depending on the circumstances.


When it comes to children, courts will only consider the children’s best interests. The California Child Support Program guidelines determine the amount of child support.


Child support in O.C., California, is calculated by:


●    The income of each parent

●    Number of children

●    How parents share physical custody of the children

●    Health insurance costs

●    Cost of childcare

●    Various other factors


These calculations are in place to arrive at the final amount of child support.


Get Representation from a Skilled Child Custody Attorney in Orange County

If you’re looking to obtain or modify a child support order, our child support attorneys in Orange County can help.

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