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Exploring the Demand for Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software

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You undoubtedly want to take advantage of WhatsApp marketing capabilities. It’s among the top digital marketing techniques for establishing a connection with potential clients and increasing customer involvement.  

Selecting the best WhatsApp marketing software is difficult, even with the wide range of options available. Certain tools are inexpensive and simple to use, but scaling is not possible with them. Others satisfy expanding companies’ needs, but they become overly priced too rapidly. 

What is Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software? 

Any software that provides a practical means for companies to send promotional messages to clients and subscribers via WhatsApp is referred to as WhatsApp marketing software. 

WhatsApp Business App had restricted marketing features until recently. For this reason, WhatsApp launched the WhatsApp Business Platform API. It broadens the scope of WhatsApp marketing by providing sophisticated features for businesses. 

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software: Features to Look for 

Numerous resources provide WhatsApp bulk messaging software. First, what functionality should you search for? 

The following three factors are crucial in identifying the best WhatsApp marketing tools: 



1. Simple integration through embedded signup 

If your WhatsApp marketing tool doesn’t support native integration, implementing the Business API can be challenging. 

2. Easy-to-use campaign creation, verification, scheduling, and performance tracking 

In order to make the investment worthwhile, the app must have these features to manage WhatsApp campaigns easily. 

3. No additional setup or licence costs 

A more economical option will only charge for sent messages. 


Benefits of Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software 

Take a look at these 6 advantages of employing software for WhatsApp marketing before moving on to the top 9 platforms. 



1. Boost Relations with Customers: 

By providing 1:1 Live Chat service in real-time on WhatsApp, you can foster individualized relationships with consumers by using WhatsApp Marketing Software. 

2. Amazing Open & Click-through Rates for Messages 

98% of WhatsApp messages are opened, and 45–60% of them are clicked through. This surpasses emails and SMS by five times. 

3. Boost Conversion Rates by Seven Times 

You can send WhatApp Broadcast to an infinite number of subscribers with official WhatsApp marketing software like WebMaxy eGrowth, which will help you boost conversions by 45–60%. 

4. Cut Marketing Expenses 

Whatsapp actually has reasonable prices! When you consider the ROI this marketing channel can provide, the cost is almost nothing. 

5. Offer Excellent Customer Service 

Businesses may improve customer service with WhatsApp Chatbot & Live Chat support on numerous devices thanks to WhatsApp Marketing Software’s flexibility. 

6. Earn WhatsApp Verification 

You can apply for a certified Green Tick on WhatsApp with an approved WhatsApp marketing software, which can increase the legitimacy of your business. 


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Top 9 Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Softwares 

You’ll find a variety of unofficial WhatsApp bulk sender softwares that offer bulk WhatsApp services at a low cost when looking for WhatsApp marketing tool. However, in the long term, selecting such software can be devastating for your company. Given that the majority of these unofficial programs are not approved WhatsApp Partners. 


We have compiled a list of top Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Softwares for you to choose from in the below section: 

  1. WebMaxyWhatsApp Commerce


With WebMaxy WhatsApp commerce, you can leverage WhatsApp’s potential to expand your business to a vast user base. This program is the smartest WhatsApp bulk marketing tool, and it is built on official WhatsApp Business APIs.  

A comprehensive WhatsApp Engagement Suite, WebMaxy also offers a number of smart platform features, such as WhatsApp Retargeting Campaigns and unparalleled client assistance by phone, email, Google Meet, or WhatsApp. 


  • Receive a free edition of the WhatsApp Business API, within ten minutes. 
  • Customer service is available by phone, Google Meet, and WhatsApp Send. 
  • WhatsApp broadcasts to all users simultaneously. 
  • Send a range of WhatApp message templates, such as messages with coupon codes, multi-button messages, carousels, etc. 
  • Use WhatsApp Automation to automate payments, abandoned carts, order confirmations, and delivery alerts. 
  • Offer customer support via an AI-powered WhatsApp Chat Bot around-the-clock. 
  • Multi-person live chat assistance is accessible. 
  • Utilize personalization by selecting the options that best suit your needs. 
  • There are more than 2000 integrations available for popular CRMs and e-commerce portals, including BigCommerce, Wix, Shopify, WooCommerce, Hubspot, and Magneto (an Adobe Company). 
  • Boost Conversion Rates by seven times. 
  • To get payments three times faster, send Razorpay payment links using WhatsApp. 
  • Use customer support to respond to client inquiry. Cut down on first response times and improve the client experience. 
  • Automate transactional messages to your users 
  • On board sub agency number and monitor their action under one dashboard. 




Plan Growth (INR. 2000/Month) 

Plan Advanced (INR. 4000/Month) 

Unlimited Team Members 

Unlimited Team Members 

Free WhatsApp API Approval and setup 

Free WhatsApp API Approval and setup 

Chat Automation 

Chat Automation 

Work flow Automation 

Work flow Automation 

Bulk WhatsApp Campaigns 

Bulk WhatsApp Campaigns 

Customer Segmentation 

Customer Segmentation 

WhatsApp Inbox 

WhatsApp Inbox 

24 Hours Support SLA 

24 Hours Support SLA 

No Markup Charges 

No Markup Charges 

Rate limit 300 APIs Call/Minute 

Rate limit 300 APIs Call/Minute 

Dedicated Success Manager 

Dedicated Success Manager 


Audience Builder 


Agent Dashboard 


NoteChoose a plan that’s right for you! 

For a Customized Pricing Plan connect with our Sales Team. 

  1. NeoDove

There is an extensive feature set in the NeoDove Telecalling CRM’s WhatsApp API. You can efficiently connect with numerous users from a single account by using NeoDove’s WhatsApp API. Send 1000 messages at once in WhatsApp with only one click. 

You can quickly generate leads on NeoDove, proactively schedule WhatsApp messages, and increase conversions by three times with their WhatsApp marketing solution. 


  • Bulk WhatsApp messaging 
  • Automating processes 
  • Chatbots for WhatsApp 
  • A single, centralised messaging platform 
  • Committed assistance 
  1. AiSensy

One way to characterise AiSensy is as an advertising medium, chatbot, and CRM for WhatsApp. Along with official WhatsApp Business APIs, the platform provides businesses with full WhatsApp interaction.  

To make collaboration with other team members easier, this WhatsApp marketing solution even has a multi-agent shared mailbox. 

Businesses can schedule reminders and notifications and handle WhatsApp broadcasting using AiSensy. Furthermore, it allows you to connect with WhatsApp chatbots and offers live chat on many devices. 


  • AI-driven chatbots 
  • Surveys on WhatsApp 
  • Support for Multiple Languages 
  • Lead Creation 
  1. Wati

Wati is a customer service platform and an official partner for the WhatsApp API. It also allows clients to submit an application for the WhatsApp Business API.  

In addition, your sales, marketing, and customer service teams can send broadcasts and bulk messages using this WhatsApp marketing tool.  

In terms of client response, Wati is a good WhatsApp marketing tool for B2C companies of all sizes. Additionally, it contains a CRM made especially for WhatsApp. 


  • Broadcast marketing 
  • Bidirectional Communication 
  • Integration of WhatsApp API 
  • Analytical Data 
  1. Interakt

The official WhatsApp Business platform serves as the foundation for this WhatsApp marketing tool Interakt. It attempts to assist in converting discussions into sales and aiding in the expansion of your company.  

This WhatsApp marketing tool can let you interact and trade with your customers more effectively. You can share catalogues widely and set up automated alerts with Interakt.  

In addition, you can monitor campaign data and send bulk communications. You can also have multi-agent team inbox and green tick verification for your business using this WhatsApp marketing tool. 


  • Automated marketing 
  • Segmenting Customers 
  • Widget for WhatsApp Chat 
  • Monitoring Campaigns 
  1. Growby

Growby is a platform for SMS and WhatsApp marketing designed to make it simple for small businesses to send transactional messages. This marketing tool for WhatsApp is quite easy to use and serves as a comprehensive marketing solution. It maximizes effective campaign and contact management.  

Growby even allows you to view all of your incoming messages in your WhatsApp inbox. It enables you to efficiently communicate with clients using a variety of media, including SMS and WhatsApp.  

This WhatsApp marketing tool is a great method to streamline the sales and marketing requirements of your company. 


  • Messaging Templates 
  • Managing Contacts 
  • Message Plan 
  • Autonomous Responses 
  1. WhatsTool

WhatsTool is a software application for WhatsApp marketing that helps your company expand on the messaging app. You can contact clients via your mobile device and the web by using the WhatsApp Business API.  

For intelligent agent routing, you may even filter chats according to campaigns, tags, and qualities. WhatsTool has several helpful features built in. For instance, automatic alerts, bulk messaging, chatbots, and integrations.  

With the help of this WhatsApp marketing tool, you can communicate and interact with your customers from one convenient location. 


  • Status Saver 
  • Mass Text Messaging 
  • Instant Messaging 
  • Emoji to Text Conversion 
  1. Rapbooster

A WhatsApp marketing solution designed for startups and small businesses is provided by Rapbooster. You can give customers personalized messages, effortlessly manage your data, and do much more with this platform.  

After adding several sender IDs, you can even send tailored messages to reach a wider and more focused audience. 

Rapbooster offers a number filter, Wapp API, automatic chat bots, and button messages. You can improve the effectiveness of your WhatsApp marketing with all of these capabilities. 


  • Managing WhatsApp Groups 
  • Web Integration for WhatsApp 
  • Scheduled Messages 
  • Lead Generation Templates 
  1. Veepar

Veepar functions as a web application for WhatsApp Business and is a marketing tool for the messaging service. It is intended to assist firms in automating their business activities and is furnished with CRM functionality.  

Having a WhatsApp Business account allows you to promptly reply to customers and gather new prospects. 

Veepar is a free WhatsApp marketing solution that lets you save media and messages and respond to customer inquiries quickly. Consequently, raising the calibre of your encounters with clients. 


  • Mass Messaging 
  • Customization of Messages 
  • Message Planning 
  • Monitoring and Statistics 


All things considered, there is a vast array of WhatsApp marketing softwares to select from, in order to meet your company’s WhatsApp Commerce requirements. These WhatsApp marketing solutions are all furnished with special features that improves the effectiveness of your WhatsApp marketing.  

All you need to do is choose the WhatsApp marketing tool that best suits your needs, now that you have a solid understanding of how they operate. In case you continue to have doubts about the authenticity of these softwares, you can always rely on WebMaxy, the approved Meta Partner for Social Media MarketingWebMaxy WhatsApp Commerce will assist you in connecting with customers where they are most active and achieving the best response, as attested to by our clients. 

Before you start sending bulk WhatsApp messages, bear in mind the information above in addition to these marketing techniques. Keep in mind that excellent content and consistency are essential for successful WhatsApp marketing. 

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What is WhatsApp marketing software? 

Any software that provides a practical means for companies to send promotional messages to clients and subscribers via WhatsApp is referred to as WhatsApp marketing software. 

What is bulk WhatsApp marketing software? 

WhatsApp Business app had restricted marketing features until recently. For this reason, WhatsApp launched the WhatsApp Business Platform API. It broadens the scope of WhatsApp marketing by providing sophisticated features for businesses. You can now send an unlimited number of promotional messages to an infinite number of clients over WhatsApp. Ensure you are not overdoing it. Spamming clients with constant messaging can mark your WhatsApp profile for ban, if the customers choose to report you. 

How can I send bulk marketing messages on WhatsApp? 

WhatsApp’s official API doesn’t allow bulk messaging. However, you can send bulk messages on WhatsApp using third-party tools or Marketing Software. 

Which is the best software for bulk WhatsApp messages? 

WebMaxy eGrowth is the smartest WhatsApp marketing tool, and it is built on official WhatsApp Business APIs.