Why Camlock Couplings Are Superior to Other Quick Connect Fittings

In the world of quick-connect fittings, camlock couplings certainly don’t hold a monopoly. There are ball and sleeve connectors, push connectors, Luer locks, bayonet...
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Female Camlock Gaskets: What to Know

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All camlock fittings require two main parts, the male adapter and the female coupler, sometimes referred to as the female camlock.

As you may know, camlock fittings are manufactured using a wide range of raw materials, including but not limited to stainless steel, brass, and nylon, which impact their suitability given the conditions surrounding the environment in which they will be used.

Knowing this, it is important also to be aware of the fact that all female camlock fittings are equipped with a gasket that helps ensure a tight seal between the two components when they are locked together.

Like the material from which the fitting itself is made, these gaskets are also manufactured using a variety of different materials that also impacts their suitability given the application and environment.

This post will cover some of the common materials used in the manufacturing of female camlock gaskets, what their relative virtues are, and where they can be used.

Silicones are a diverse class of synthetic materials made using the element silicon that can have the properties of either a fluid, a resin, or in the case of female camlock gaskets, an elastomer.

Silicone camlock gaskets are low-taint materials that are non-toxic and waterproof. Since they are so chemically stable, they do not customarily leech into the materials with which they come in contact, making them suitable in food-grade applications.

Viton is actually a brand name, not a material, that is applied to a class of fluoropolymer elastomers produced by the company DuPont, and commonly used in O-rings.

Chemically, Viton exhibits excellent weatherability and can handle a wide range of operating temperatures. It is also extremely chemically resistant, making it suitable for use in special situations that require better than average temperature tolerance or chemical resistance.

Ethylene propylene diene monomer rubbers, more commonly known as EPDM, are synthetic rubbers that have a wide range of applications given their unique properties.

Notably, EPDM compounds are resistant to weathering, ozone, electricity, steam, and many chemicals, including many acids and bases. EPDM also has attractive physical properties, making it suitable for standard use in pretty much all poly female camlocks.

Buna Nitrile (AKA Buna-N)
Buna nitrile, also referred to as Buna-N or simply as nitrile, is a synthetic elastomer manufactured from acrylonitrile and butadiene. It is used as a standard gasket on all metal female camlocks.

With that said, buna nitrile has a wide range of attractive properties. It has good to excellent tear, abrasion, and flex cracking resistance. It also has good water resistance and non-polar solvent resistance, so it can exhibit suitable resistance to oil and fuels in some circumstances.

Looking for Female Camlock Fittings or Specialized Gaskets?
In addition to these materials, some female camlock fittings can be equipped with Teflon, or PTFE gaskets, but those may require a special order.

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