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Finest Details About Ffxiv Gil

Gil is the primary currency in Final Fantasy XIV. Players earn it through quests, guildleves, dungeons, Duty Roulettes and Challenge Log entries as well as selling items on the Market Board.

Gatherers with expertise in gathering materials can earn considerable funds by selling the loot they collect to other players before each new patch arrives. The optimal time and place to do this is usually before it goes live.


Gathering is an integral part of the game, yet can often take up an unnecessary amount of time and resources. Instead, try viewing gathering as an opportunity cost – using that money might otherwise go towards undercutting or crafting activities instead!

Treasure maps can be an efficient way to generate ffxiv gil  through gathering, as they can be sold or traded with other players as well as providing an EXP boost of up to 3% – an advantage especially useful for combat classes.

Market Board can also be an excellent way of earning Gil, particularly during a new patch. Though not as reliable, this method can still produce short-term profits; further methods include selling items to NPCs and player housing. Unfortunately, such methods tend to be inconsistent and won’t bring you much Gil over time.


Crafting is one of the more effective means of earning Gil in Final Fantasy XIV, especially with new patches constantly offering up new items that can be created through crafting. Crafting can be particularly profitable since new patches often introduce tons of crafted items a player can sell in order to make money fast. Players can make Gil by leveling crafting Jobs like Goldsmith, Armorer or Alchemist and selling the gear created on the Market Board. This is an effective way of earning extra funds while grinding for end game gear or leveling up.

Price competitively to achieve success when selling, and aim for items to sell a Gil cheaper than average asking prices for maximum sales success. Every server and District have unique pricing structures so a technique that may work elsewhere may not necessarily work on your server or District – try selling at times when Market Board activity is highest!


Players looking for quick and simple methods of making Gil can turn to selling basic materials on the Market Board or completing treasure maps – great ways to add money to their wallet quickly!

On another method is completing Dungeons. While they can be hazardous, completing them can often yield considerable Gil. You can do these alone or with others but for maximum success it is wise to enter them only when fully prepared.

Players can take full advantage of the economy by regularly monitoring their inventory and selling prices on the Market Board, so as to identify opportunities to buy low and sell high – increasing gil earnings by doing so.

Duty Roulette

FFXIV offers many opportunities for Gil earnings throughout its core gameplay, such as quests and boss chest rewards offering Gil bonuses. Crafting is another useful means of earning Gil and should be prioritized at the beginning of a patch cycle cycle.

Challenge Log offers another method for collecting Gil. Players can complete several simple challenges to earn the ability to complete random dungeons, player commendations, and FATEs at their highest levels. Duty Roulette also serves as a good means of making passive income from playing this game.

Each day, the Duty Roulette offers a Frontline PvP duty that rotates through all available duties (as displayed in the Information section of the Duty details window). It provides experience, Grand Company Seals, Cracked Anthoclusters and Wolf Marks depending on which role players queue up under.

Retainer Ventures

Early on in A Realm Reborn, players discover a handy NPC ally called retainers. These retainers can be deployed on Quick Exploration missions to collect items that sell well on the marketplace – an easy way to make extra Gil quickly without exerting much effort!

Sending retainers on Ventures costs venture tokens, which can be bought from Grand Company vendors or gained through Guildleves completion. There is also a premium subscription item which removes this cost completely, giving players access to two retainers at all times.

As gear determines how much and the quality of loot will be amassed on an adventure, players should equipping their retainers with as high a gear level possible so as to increase their chances of finding higher-tier gear that can be sold for greater returns.


There are various methods of spending FFXIV gil, although they tend to be chaotic. Housing is one such avenue currently, offering a promising source of Gil-burn if you are willing to put in the work and wait for things to settle down.

Other ways of spending Gil include completing quests, guildleves, dungeons and killing monsters. Although most of these activities offer some Gil as rewards – most won’t cover what’s necessary to purchase equipment like gear or minions in game.

Selling Gil is another viable method for earning Gil, though it requires significant time investment and depends on market forces. A great time to sell could be before a new patch launches when players want to stock up and prepare.