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Five Benefits of Using Live Chat Support for Customer Service

Almost everyone has phone conversations with a customer care representative. Also, occasionally, we must connect to a call center or contact center agent to resolve our problems or answer questions. We all have had this experience before, even if it wasn’t always pleasant to talk to a customer service rep for various reasons. On the other hand, live chat support has become popular in recent years as many new-generation customers are more comfortable typing on their smartphones and are inclined to chat rather than talk to an individual over the phone.

Live chat support is similar to phone support in many ways but differs significantly from it. Because they each have different advantages, the two strategies operate best when used in tandem for customer support. Here, we will discuss the advantages live chat support can bring to your business if you outsource chat support to an experienced BPM service provider.

Five Incredible Advantages of Implementing Live Chat Support for Your Customers


The advantages of live chat support cannot be replaced and are challenging to duplicate with other consumer engagement methods. Following are five of the most significant advantages of integrating live chat help into your customer service system, and you must outsource chat support to an experienced outsourcing vendor to reap these advantages for your business.


  1. Increased Customer Contact

Making a call on the phone may feel quite difficult for many individuals. It is an unsettling move with many unknowns for people who feel calls are an intrusion, whether from inbound or outbound call centers. Millennials and upcoming customers are more comfortable with chats than calls. Moreover, customers have no idea how long they will have to wait on hold or how long the call will take, let alone if the customer care agent can assist them over the phone.

Due to this, many individuals decide not to call. So, a customer’s or potential customer’s choice not to answer the phone leads to problems that are left unsolved or deals that are not finalized. However, the decision to outsource chat support or help can significantly reduce this barrier. As soon as they arrive at your website or social media, the chat window is available and waiting for them to use instead of dialing a number and going through tiring IVRs.

Customers are more likely to opt to interact with a customer support agent when there is a chat window available and instant answers are provided by agents on it. As a result, customers will be pleased with support services, and sales will increase for your business.

  1. Affordable Cost

When a call comes in a call center, a phone representative must focus only on that one caller. However, a live chat professional can assist one consumer while simultaneously assisting others who are using the service. This results in huge cost savings. In fact, studies show that live chats may be up to 30% less expensive than traditional phone call systems in call centers. An expert agent trained in live chat can handle multiple customers and tools. They can ensure both customers are satisfied with your services while saving your money. This instance clearly shows why a business needs to implement and outsource chat support to make the best out of this communication channel. 

  1. Improved Monitoring and Management

It is tedious to listen to hours of phone calls in order to identify the customer’s pain points and generate statistics on trends, customers’ and agents’ behavior, sentiments, and every significant aspect and event impacting customer experience. However, each contact made by customers and their sessions with agents is immediately captured and recorded in the live chat management software systems. So, it is much simpler to run an analysis of words and phrases and find prevalent issues troubling customers from live chat support. So, an enhanced customer care experience will result from this tracking and management as you outsource chat support to a tech-enabled BPO or BPM company.

  1. Enhanced Interaction

It might be challenging to establish a customer care center where you can assist all of your customers, given the hundreds of languages and many more dialects and accents of your dispersed customer base around the world. However, the decision to outsource chat support to a global BPM service provider greatly simplifies this challenge. Dialects and accents are no longer possible communication hurdles, and thanks to live chat support through different channels, like websites, social media, etc., you can connect with diverse types of customers and prospects. Representatives can also review and repeat messages in live chat support. It can help ensure agents fully understand what the consumer says, as chats are always available to read in a window.

Additionally, it solves the issue of dropped calls and poor connections. Dropped calls are a painful issue at a time when more people rely on cell phones instead of landlines. However, by using live chat, you may completely prevent it.

  1. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Numerous techniques exist for live chat support to increase satisfaction among your customers. Because the consumer does not have to listen to a phone line, wait times are cut down. Moreover, call holds are much more convenient for customers in live chat support. Online assistance with expert agents enhances understanding of customers and enables them to handle customer challenges efficiently. It eventually results in better outcomes and increased customer engagement, satisfaction, and retention.

Therefore, the customer experience is considerably enhanced when live chat assistance is included in your customer service menu. Outsource chat support to an outsourcing service provider with adequately trained agents and up-to-date tools. Only an experienced chat support provider can help your business obtain the best results from your outsourcing initiatives.



Live chat assistance can be offered through diverse types of channels, starting from websites to social media and more. Also, automating chat support through chatbots for customers and integrating it with live chat support with agents is an excellent idea. Also, integrating calls, live chat, and other mediums of customer experience services widens the service coverage. Moreover, seamless transfer from one channel to another makes your customer experience smooth and memorable. Learn more about live chat and online assistance for websites and diverse channels from an experienced BPO and BPM service provider and outsource chat support to a suitable vendor.